Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Procrastinate Like a Pro

April Procrastination List: 
  1. If something spills on your desk, clean the whole desk and the shelves too. 
  2. Never let a critical task get in the way of going to the store to replenish something you're almost out of. 
  3. Make sure everything is in proper working order before you begin working. 
  4. Always take your lunch break on time and allow plenty of time for digestion before returning to work. 
  5. Analyze a task multiple times before leaping into action. 
  6. Never take on more than you think you can possibly handle. 
  7. Never go long periods without checking your e-mail. 
  8. If you're shopping for one thing, look for other things you might need or your parents might need or your neighbors might need. 
  9. Keep up with technology by changing the ring tone on your cell phone every day. 
  10. Never fear leaving work - it'll be there when you get back. 
And your personal list to create: List 10 great ideas that came to you while procrastinating. (If you can't name 10, procrastinate until you can.)