Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Turkey Buzzard

The first weekend in May my whole family (well, my Dad's side of the family) gathered in rural Missouri for my grandmother's 90th birthday. It was really great to be able to get together with my cousins and visit with aunts, uncles, and sundry other relatives. And, of course, seeing my grandma, who by the way is still doing great for her age.

Reconnecting with family is always great and it is fun to look back on how we were when we were little kids compared to how we are as adults and to reminisce about "the good old days". While we didn't do a whole lot of "remember whens..." on this visit we have done plenty of that in the past. Growing up my folks always made it a point to get out to visit Grandma and Granddad at least twice a year. My cousins, Cathy, Christy, and Jeremy, lived a couple of miles away so they got to see the grandparents all the time. My sister and I were always a little lost when we were visiting, and speaking for myself, a little jealous of the cousins because they knew where everything was in the kitchen and where all the toys were kept, etc. It wasn't until I reached adulthood and was visiting with Christy one time that she told me that they were always jealous of Marti and I when we would come to visit. It turns out that when we came to visit, Granddad was around more (rather than going out and working in the barn and/or fields like he normally would) and Grandma cooked special meals because we were there. I guess it is all a perspective thing, but it was enlightening having that talk with Christy.

Anyway, on to present day. While we were all sitting around at Grandma's party, it turns out that most of us are on Facebook and after we got back to our respective homes we "friended" one another. Then the pictures of the various meals that we had there (understand that we were there for 2 nights and ate the entire time) and other stuff started popping up in albums. Now, here is what I find to be humorous, and it is probably just my sad, sick sense of humor that made me find this funny. My cousin Cathy, who is one of the nicest people in the of those genuinely good people, puts a series of pictures up from the weekend of not only the party festivities but also of the time that she spent on my uncle's farm with her girls. She titled the album "Grandma's 90th Birthday" and the very first picture that is in the album is that of a couple of turkey buzzards on top of a silo.

Does anybody else see the humor in that, or am I truly a sick, sick individual?