Thursday, July 7, 2011

What I Did on my Stay-cation 2011

Last Thursday and Friday I decided to take the day off work and have a little "stay-cation". I had made some appointments, but thought they would go quickly and I would have some time to quilt and relax and read and relax..... Here is what actually occurred:

9:15 - Labwork/Fasting Blood draw for annual physical. Not too traumatic, other than I don't do well fasting, and I forgot and went to the bathroom before I left the house, which meant my non-blood "sample" was a little challenging to get.
1:00 - Dentist appointment to get a second crown. I didn't think that would be that big of a deal, oh how wrong I was.
1:15 - Actually go back to the chair.
2:00 - Old filling removed and start prepping the tooth for the crown. The dentist is very high-tech and a lot of time is spent getting a perfect CAD picture of the tooth and then having it created on site by a computer and lasers and magic.
2:45ish - Start testing to see if the crown will work by seating it and taking x-rays, etc.
3:30ish - Finally decide that the crown isn't quite right and decide to start over.
4:30 - Start testing to see if the second crown will work. Eureka!! This one works, so let's get the porceline fired.
5:30 - Um, yeah, we're sorry, the crown cooled down too quickly and it cracked. It will take another two hours before it will be ready. Would you like us to send you home with a temporary and we can reschedule at your earliest convenience to get the permanent one in? It will only take about 45 minutes.
6:15 - Leave dentist with temporary crown and appointment for the next day to finish.
6:16 - Cancel plans with my sister as we were going to get together for lunch on Friday....

8:30 - Mammogram.... Always a pleasant experience, but like I said earlier, I'm getting prepared for my annual physical and want the doctor to have all the necessary information.
11:00 - Return to dentist.
11:20 - Head back to chair.
11:30 - Scream out in pain as they try to remove the temporary crown without any anesthesia.
11:40 - Face is starting to go numb....whew.
11:45 - Temporary crown yanked off.
12:00 - Start prepping the tooth for the newly created crown that was prepared over night.
12:25 - Dentist looks at new crown and says to the assistant "Is this the new crown or the one from yesterday?" Assistant says "New crown." Dentist says "It has a crack in it...."
12:45 - Start creating a new crown....again.
1:45 - New crown is ready. Let's do some x-rays to make certain that it is going to seat correctly and if there are any adjustments that need to be made... Yep, looks good.
2:15 - Start prepping for putting in the latest and greatest crown.
2:30 - Finally get new crown in place and start curing the cement.
2:45 - Cement is cured. Dentist returns to take a look and cleanup some of the cement and check to make certain that the bite is all good.
3:00 - Dentist pops the new crown off in her efforts to clean up the tooth. ABBA almost swallows the crown. Dentist informs ABBA that "hmm, this has never happened before where the crown popped off after being cemented in place."
3:05 - ABBA starts to cry.
3:15 - Start prepping the tooth AGAIN for the crown to be put on.
3:45 - Crown is put in place and cement is cured.
4:00 - Dentist returns and checks things out. Does some cleanup. Ensures that everything looks good.
4:30 - ABBA leaves.
4:45 - ABBA cancels plans with high-school buddy because she is just too worn out and her jaw is still numb and swollen.
7:00 - Numbness is gone and ABBA starts exploring the new tooth and area.... Hmmm, there seems to be a chunk of cement that is scraping the inside of the cheek.... ah well.

All Day - In bed or in the bathroom due to the sickness that I get whenever I have anesthesia (no so pleasant).

Pleasant afternoon and evening spent with the family seeing the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and fireworks outside with a great picnic.

Spent the morning with my folks, then swung by and visited my high school friend that I had to cancel on and then home to bed.

Back in the office realizing that I really didn't have much of a vacation..... Ah well, maybe next time.