Friday, May 25, 2012


I went in the other night for my bi-weekly pedicure and while there opted to go ahead and get my brows waxed. I don't know if I've previously mentioned it, but I hate having to maintain my brows.

I always have and I always will. When I was in junior high/high school/college, my sister would chase after me with tweezers and threaten to sit on my chest and pluck my brows. Mind you, she had perfectly manicured brows (and fingernails for that matter, but that is a different story) and she only wanted to best for me.

I, however, often was able to deflect her and the tweezers and would just suffer through having full-figured eyebrows. After I grew up, my gay friend John convinced me to get the brows waxed, since he was doing it regularly. Ever since that first time I'm hooked on the waxing. Even if it hurts like all get out, I'm willing to do it. I also think that each time I do it that this is the time that I'm actually going to do the maintenance and keep up with it. Surprisingly, I don't. I may go home and keep a look out for stray hairs for a week so, but then I get bored with it and the tweezing hurts so I stop. Next thing you know, I have a single eyebrow and they are starting to run down my face onto my cheeks. That is when I know it is time to let the ladies at the nail place torture me....Maybe this time I'll keep up with the maintenance, although I wouldn't count on it.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Foo Dog

I was watching television last night and somebody mentioned a Foo Dog.

This made me immediately think of my Leo (a.k.a. Devil Dog). While Leo looks nothing like a Foo Dog, the lady explaining what they were said they were a fictitious combination of guardian dog and lion. Since Leo = Lion and he is my guardian dog, I only thought it was appropriate.

Maybe when I'm feeling affectionate and loving towards him I'll start calling him my little Foo Dog....

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Aggie Humor

I had to laugh when I read the article and saw the picture:

Since my niece will be attending in the fall, I can only hope that what they are going to teach the youth of today how to proof read.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Olfactory Memories

First, thanks Laura for taking me down this path with your post "My Grandpa Rand".

As I read Laura's post, I started thinking about my own memories and what odors will cause them to bubble up:

Coconut Oil/Coco Butter always makes me think of my Grandma V., my mom's mom. She always had lots of coco butter lotion that she would use all summer long. She played golf so she would use sunscreen that smelled of coconuts. I don't like coconut as a food, but adore the smell. (Those red and white starlight candies and hard butterscotch candies also always make me think of Grandma.)

I always associate the smell of Whiskey with my Grandpa V. Again, I'm not a big fan of drinking whiskey but whenever I smell it I think of Grandpa.

Weirdly, the combined smell of manure, musty barn, and a general farm makes me think of my Grandad D., my dad's dad. Also, the smell of Juicy Fruit gum makes me think of Grandad. And, while not an odor, anytime I see, taste, or smell maple glazed donuts makes me think visiting my grandparents and coming out for breakfast (after Grandad had already been up and done a full day's work before the sum came up) and seeing a box of donuts with maple glazed longjohns on the table and the farm report on the radio.

Fresh cut wood and varnish always makes me think of my Dad.

I've been trying to think of a smell that makes me think of Grandma D. and/or my Mom but can't think of any....