Friday, October 26, 2012

Busy Week

This has been a bit of a crazy week. My team lead has been in town this week so I've had a lot going on with her and my team....well, what is left of our team. About a year ago, we had 8 people on our team, we lost a couple as they moved to other teams and we came down to five folks on the team. We were able to keep things moving, however, last week one of our team members left to go to work at another company. We were all very happy for him and excited because it is a great opportunity. Last Thursday was his last day. On Friday, one of our other team members took a leave of absence. That left our team down to three....our team lead and then the two of us remaining to hold everything together. So far we are doing a pretty good job of keeping on top of things, the hardest part is that before we were only on call once a it is every other week....

So, enough of the negative. With our team lead in town, we made the effort to get together in the evenings to keep her "entertained" and build our tiny team morale. We didn't do anything Monday night because she didn't get into town and into her hotel until around midnight on Sunday, so she was pretty worn out. 

Tuesday night I couldn't do anything because I had my ceramics class (which was great, yet challenging, because we started with working with the wheel and I suck at it...but I'll get better as I practice). 

Wednesday night we went bowling, which was a lot of fun. We went to a place called Splitsville, which is somewhere that if I ever have a date I'm definitely going there. The place is over 21 after 9 PM, which is a great idea to me. While, I didn't bowl particularly well, I did have a great time. 

Thursday night everybody came over to my house and had dinner. I put a pork loin in the crock pot with a bottle of Dr. Pepper and a bottle of bar-b-que sauce, turned it on low and left it for 10 hours. By the time I got home, there was a ton of YUMMY, tender pork that we put on Hawaiian sweet rolls with coleslaw and had scrumptious BBQ sliders.
I also made some cookies and my team member brought some different potato salads and we sat around and ate and visited. They all finally had the chance to meet Leo, since they have heard lots about his as he is my baby. 

So, what I learned this week:
  • Splitsville is definitely a place that I will go back to on a date or just with friends because it is really a lot of fun and they have tasty eats. 
  • I love my crock pot (thanks sister for giving it to me as a house warming present). I may even offer to make BBQ sliders for the family, if they ever want to come visit me again....Actually, that may become the standard food that ABBA serves to anybody that visits. 
  • Hawaiian sweet rolls....that is the way to go. I'd never had them before and have learned that they are bueno.  

Things a Woman Should Do - Part 7

They just keep coming....

  1. Rent a car for an hour at the local racetrack. (This might be appealing if I were a speed freak, but in all honesty I would rather take that money and buy another tandem jump out of an airplane.)
  2. Remember life is too short for ironing, nonfat dairy creamer, and regret of any kind. (Well, I've already given up on ironing my clothes; the only thing I iron anymore is fabric for quilts. I don't drink coffee and therefore do not have a need for fatted dairy creamer let alone nonfat. I just need to stop having regrets and just live....)
  3. Learn how to make a decadent chocolate mousse with tofu. (Why? You just told me that life is too short for nonfat creamer so why in the {bleep} would I want to make ANYTHING with tofu?!? I would rather spend that time learning how to make a decadent chocolate mousse out of actual chocolate.)
  4. Write an autobiography about the life you didn't choose. (I can't wait to get started on this one....but wouldn't that just be called 'fiction'?)
  5. Smuggle good scotch to your (or someone else's) dad in the nursing home. (Wouldn't be much point in that since I don't think my dad is a scotch drinker and I really don't think it would be the wisest thing to do as it could impact a person's medication, among other things. I have a story about something similar that just may end up in my autobiography...)
  6. Start a food fight. (Wow, this person is really not hitting them on this round. I think food fights are completely senseless and such a waste. I could get on my soapbox and bemoan the fate of the world and the starving children that are out there. But, to be honest, I just don't like the idea of being hit with food. It happened once and I hope to never have it happen again....Well, unless I am participating in the remake of Animal House and I am playing Bluto, the John Belushi character.)
  7. Showcase a hobby you feel passionate about on public access cable television. (I think probably in this day and age I would have to make a YouTube video instead...I'll keep you posted on my debut.)
  8. Practice telepathy with your cat. (Yeah, that would require that I get a cat. However, I often practice it with Leo.)
  9. Change one thing about your life  that you've accepted. (Working on that. Will provide progress updates at some point.)
  10. Accept one thing about your life that you've tried to change. (Funny...I'm sorta working on this one as well.)