Friday, October 26, 2012

Things a Woman Should Do - Part 7

They just keep coming....

  1. Rent a car for an hour at the local racetrack. (This might be appealing if I were a speed freak, but in all honesty I would rather take that money and buy another tandem jump out of an airplane.)
  2. Remember life is too short for ironing, nonfat dairy creamer, and regret of any kind. (Well, I've already given up on ironing my clothes; the only thing I iron anymore is fabric for quilts. I don't drink coffee and therefore do not have a need for fatted dairy creamer let alone nonfat. I just need to stop having regrets and just live....)
  3. Learn how to make a decadent chocolate mousse with tofu. (Why? You just told me that life is too short for nonfat creamer so why in the {bleep} would I want to make ANYTHING with tofu?!? I would rather spend that time learning how to make a decadent chocolate mousse out of actual chocolate.)
  4. Write an autobiography about the life you didn't choose. (I can't wait to get started on this one....but wouldn't that just be called 'fiction'?)
  5. Smuggle good scotch to your (or someone else's) dad in the nursing home. (Wouldn't be much point in that since I don't think my dad is a scotch drinker and I really don't think it would be the wisest thing to do as it could impact a person's medication, among other things. I have a story about something similar that just may end up in my autobiography...)
  6. Start a food fight. (Wow, this person is really not hitting them on this round. I think food fights are completely senseless and such a waste. I could get on my soapbox and bemoan the fate of the world and the starving children that are out there. But, to be honest, I just don't like the idea of being hit with food. It happened once and I hope to never have it happen again....Well, unless I am participating in the remake of Animal House and I am playing Bluto, the John Belushi character.)
  7. Showcase a hobby you feel passionate about on public access cable television. (I think probably in this day and age I would have to make a YouTube video instead...I'll keep you posted on my debut.)
  8. Practice telepathy with your cat. (Yeah, that would require that I get a cat. However, I often practice it with Leo.)
  9. Change one thing about your life  that you've accepted. (Working on that. Will provide progress updates at some point.)
  10. Accept one thing about your life that you've tried to change. (Funny...I'm sorta working on this one as well.)


Sara said...

can't wait for the updates :)

I'm with you on food fights

Chocolate mousse with tofu?! what the heck!

I kinda like the fake autobiography idea :)

Jay said...

Do I know the "sneaking booze in to an elderly person" story? Are we thinking of the same thing?

Andrea said...

Jay - You are correct.

Jane said...

I actually love tofu