Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Feet a la Sara

Sara posted yesterday about how happy her feet were after meeting up for our bi-weekly "Pedis and Pinot" event (although we don't actually drink Pinot...sometimes we'll go out for dinner afterwards and have a Margarita or a glass of wine). In her blog, she mentioned getting flowers on her toes because the plan for the green sparkle polish (for St. Patty's Day) over the neon pink (for her birthday) just didn't quite cut it, while I got a green polish base and topped with the green sparkle:

Yes, I figured I'd get a shot with Leo since I hadn't put a picture of him out here in a couple of week.

I also decided that I would display my toes in the choice of sandals that I'm deciding on for my upcoming trip to Hawaii:
I was trying to decide which would be better as I'm only keeping one pair....I'm going with the ones on the right because they are MUCH more comfortable. 

Attempted Escape

Leo has been staying home alone lately while I go into the office rather than going to Doggie Daycare. I came home yesterday and found one of the gates keeping him in the kitchen area all catty-whompus. (Yeah, I said it "catty-whompus"!) I'm not certain if he had attempted some form of escape or if it was just a little loose and when he vaulted off his sleeping pillow to greet me as I came in it caused the catty-whompafication. Either way, we had to reset the gate and hopefully got it tighter this morning.....oh and just as a precaution the pillow is not directly in the line of fire to the gate.