Monday, December 10, 2012


It is funny how things sorta happen. For example, Tim Curry has popped up recently in a couple of places in my world.

First, I was watching Clue - The Movie last night.

Don't ask me why, it was just on and I couldn't help myself. Everytime I watch this movie, it makes me think of my BIL Graham's sister and BIL's wedding. I house sat for Graham's parents during the wedding as they wanted somebody to be there as they had read that often times burglars will break into houses and steal wedding gifts because they know that the family will be at the wedding. Well, they said I could bring some movies over to watch while I was killing time and they had a BetaMax player (not VHS) and Clue-The Movie happened to be one of the movies at Blockbuster on BetaMax that I actually wanted to see. So, now, whenever I see the movie I think of Brant and Angela.

Now today, I'm catching up on reading blogs and I come across Jane's reference to her husband being mistaken for Tim Curry. Which, I can totally see!!

Tim Curry
Compared to:

Jane with Husband Tarzan
Although I really hope to never see either of them dressed as Dr. Frank-N-Furter ever again....

Dog Bite Update

Well, I wanted to give you all an update of my dog bit experience.

First, the dog's teeth never actually made contact with my skin as I had jeans on and there was no tear in the jeans, however, there was a small puncture (the size of a pencil eraser) and some blood. The spot sort of welted (is that a word?) and bruised, but it is all healing nicely at this point.

I did drop Leo off there this morning and while in I told the folks there, including the owner, about what happened. I hated doing it because I don't like being a tattle-tale and wasn't out to get anything from it, but after speaking to others I felt that it was important for me to make them aware of what happened. She knew immediately which dogs I was referring to and not because they have had other incidents, but because they are the only "family" with two of those types of dogs and they normally only come on Thursdays (note to self). The owner had the person covering the desk "make a note" in their files and that those dogs will always need to be on special leashes when brought to the front going forward.

As an aside, she comped Leo's stay today, which I told her she didn't have to but was happy that she did.

Anyway, all is well in the ABBA/Leo world... at least for now.