Friday, May 1, 2009

A House Is Not a Home Unless It's Clean

May Procrastination List: 
  1. Compare and contrast three different floor cleaners. Call a neighbor over to be a second judge. 
  2. Organize your cleaning supplies in alphabetical order. 
  3. Compare a load of laundry using a liquid softener versus a softener sheet you put in the dryer. 
  4. Clean underneath everything - you never know when a guest will drop something and assess your cleanliness. 
  5. List the five cleaning items you use most often, then check three stores to see which one has the best overall prices. 
  6. Be sure each bathroom has a clean, well-placed plunger. 
  7. Go to the websites of the manufacturers of all your favorite cleaning supplies and search for coupons. 
  8. Clean the cobwebs from the corners of your garage. 
  9. Thoroughly clean between the number keys on all of your telephones.
And your personal Procrastination List Question: Guess how many screws you have in each room of your house. Then check and see. (Remember to count wall plates, lamps, closet doors, appliances, etc.)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Random Food Thoughts

Strange things that have been on my mind lately....
  • Has any body else seen the new M&M commercials for the "fancy" M&Ms? Of course this would require you all to actually watch the commercials. Anyway, they are creepy where the Green Girl M&M in the white Go-Go boots is all rolling around in the satin sheets and at the end the Red and Yellow Boy M&Ms are all melty holding the film equipment. I just don't want to think of my candy as "sexy". 
  • Why do so many smoothies taste like bananas....or rather, why do they have to us bananas in most smoothies? 
  • Whoever thought that buttered popcorn Jelly Bellies was a good idea had to be smokin' something that is only legal if you have a prescription and live in San Francisco or Amsterdam. 
  • Mr. Pibb is not an adequate replacement for Dr. Pepper. 
  • My Mom used to make the BEST popcorn before microwave popcorn was created. Luckily Pop Secret makes one now called "Homestyle" and it is very similar, but not the same. 
  • I used to binge eat ice cream.... for some reason my tastes have changed and I have had the same 1/2 gallon of Thin Mint Chocolate ice cream in my fridge for a month.... What is happening to me? 
Some other random thoughts that have nothing to do with food....
  • The television show Time Warp is going to have Metallica on this coming Wednesday. 
  • I'm torn between watching that and Dangerous Warriors on Spike TV. 
  • I think I like these shows because they are showing science and history in a new way. So you folks out there with kids should look into watching these shows (or TiVo'ing them or whatever you do)!!
So, my there are my thoughts on food and television, both of which I indulge too much, but oh well.