Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bad Mommy

I admit I am a bad mommy to Leo. He is spoiled rotten. But I can't help it, look at that face:

He barks or whines and I jump and find out what he needs....usually nothing, but I give him food because I feel guilty for not being a stay at home mom.

However, I've taken to drugging him at night so that we'll both sleep. He LOVES the pill pockets that are beef flavored, so I give him one of those with a little Benadryl stuck inside and then his mint cookie for fresh breath. He munches them down like there is no tomorrow.
Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. I have only done this twice and I take a close look at him and before I do it he has red, rheumy eyes and a runny nose much like I get with allergies, plus he is doing lots of scratching and chewing on his feet, which the vet said was a sign of allergies.

The thing is, though, the meds make him a little loopy. Last night within about 15 minutes he was barely able to stand and once I got him into bed (yes, he sleeps with me) he started snoring like an old man. Then he woke up right as I was turning out the light after reading and started wandering around the bed and bumping into the headboard. I then realized that he had to go potty, so I rushed him outside (much better to do it out there than on my feather pillow) where he finished up but then got a second wind and was all hyper and wanting to play. Well, momma wasn't having any of that, so I put him in his crate and shut my door. After listening to him for 30 minutes bark and whine, I got up and let him back in bed with me, whereby he did go to sleep but had all sorts of night terrors and kept kicking or head butting me...not certain what a nine month old puppy has to be terrorized about since he lives in the lap of luxury (aka Casa ABBA), but he must have some demons.

Anyway, I think tonight I'm going to hold off on the drugs and see how he sleeps...and how I sleep. Hmmm, I wonder if my neighbors would kill me if I decided he needed to be an outside dog....oh wait, I can't do that, did you see that face?!?