Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What Was I Thinking

I became my four year old self today....

There is a story in our family of a time when I was fourish sitting in the family room of my grandparents' living room, there was a football game on and all the "men-folk" (Dad, uncles, grand-father) were watching the game. I was using my snub-nose scissors cutting out paper dolls. For some reason, I decided to take these scissors and whack a chunk of hair out of the middle of my cute four year old bangs. None of the "men-folk" seemed to notice....

Anyway, that was really just to give a little background on why today I became my four year old self again.

I've been sitting here reading some incredibly boring work stuff and playing with my hair as it was drying and decided that I needed a haircut. As you may or may not know I'm in the process of growing my hair out so that I can donate it when it gets long enough. It is getting really close to being long enough, except for the ends have been color treated, so I have to let it grow out longer so as to not include the colored part in the length. Well, today, as I'm twirling my hair, I decided that I was just going to cut it....I chopped probably 3 inches off.....just whack whack whack. I probably should have gone to a professional, but whatever....it'll grow back, right?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Margarita Ball Update

Last night I went to the 2010 Margarita Ball as mentioned in my previous (slightly drunk) post. This was a dress-up event where men wore tuxedos and women wore fancy party dresses. My friend Jennifer got the tickets and convinced me that I wanted to go. When I asked what one would wear to such an event, she told me and described it as "prom for adults". This wasn't really all that helpful since I didn't go to my first prom.....but I managed to pull off a grown up fancy look and had a certain amount of fun (up until I got tired and my feet started hurting in my cute strappy sandals). Here are some things that I observed at this adult prom and I wonder how many of these would have been seen at my prom some 20 years ago....
  • Free flowing margaritas while they lasted
  • Silent auction, including an Audi convertible and spa trips to Fiji
  • Drink tickets
  • Stripper poles, with GoGo dancers (I couldn't convince Jennifer to get up on the stripper box and while I felt confident on how to get up there.....there was no way I could actually work the pole.)
  • Fake boobs....lots of 'em
  • Mountain of toys
  • Aged women in slinky, animal-print dresses (who knew leopard dresses with spangles were in style)
  • Casino tables
  • Dirty-old men with very young women in very short slinky dresses
  • Did I mention the mountain of toys? That was the coolest part.
I think if Jennifer asks me back next year, I will definitely do this again. It was great fun and I've learned some things that will hopefully improve the experience next time.....for one, I'll take a nap so that I can keep going past midnight.


I've decided that I'm old...too old to be out partying...

I,Ve benn to the Dallas Margarita Ball this evening and while I have had a really good time...I had to turn in early. I got all dressed up in my fancy dress after getting my hair and makeup done but decided that I'd had enough at 12:30 and came back to the room for sleep...rather than continue to prowl the ball rooms of the hotel looking for Mr. Right Now...and I'm going to get annoyed at the other guests in the hall...like I said I'm getting old....