Friday, December 25, 2009

Flashback Friday

In 1979 my grandparents rented a four-plex in Florida and the whole family all trekked there for Christmas. My grandmother cut the words to one of her favorite songs out of gold foil paper and taped them to the wall in the hall. These were also always over the fireplace when we had Christmas at her house. I bring this up because this year my sister (top right corner of the picture) has gone to Florida with her kids and husband's family to enjoy the sun and surf for the holidays. This was a great time and we had a lot of memories from this trip. I hope Marti and family create their own memories. (Also in picture, my cousin Danny, top left, cousin Debbie, bottom right, and me, bottom left.)

Merry Christmas to everybody!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Riddle Me This...

If there are only two sizes for a drink, and I order a large, why would the cashier come back and say "I'm sorry, we only have small and medium."

Wouldn't you automatically assume that I was asking for the larger of the two sizes? Or am I just annoyed because I had to repeat everything in my order at least four times and it still was screwed does one screw up a breakfast burrito from McDonald's, you ask? By forgetting the friggin' cheese!!!

My morning thus far isn't looking that great...

Dr. Pepper vs Dr Pepper

Yesterday, I received a little flak for putting the period after the "Dr" in "Dr Pepper". This morning, I decided to do a little research to figure out if there was some odd chance that I was correct in including the period. Turns out that if I were writing this blog 70 years ago, I would have been.

From Wikipedia: The period (fullstop) after "Dr" was discarded for stylistic and legibility reasons in the 1950s. Dr Pepper's logo was redesigned and the text in this new logo was slanted. The period made "Dr." look like "Di:". After some debate, the period was removed for good (it had been used off and on in previous logos), as it would also help remove any medical connotation with the product.

So, I'm just a little behind in my times. I will try my utmost to not make this mistake again.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dr. Pepper after Dark

Last night I had a diet Dr. Pepper in the evening and then it took me forever to go to sleep. True, it could possibly be because I slept late yesterday and had a fairly lazy day, but I'm certain that the caffeine late at night is not a wise decision.

Something did, however, lead to a VERY weird dream. (Could have been the caffeine, could have been the pepperoni rolls, could have been the mani/pedi, who knows.) I've started thinking about what my next living arrangement step is going to be and have been looking at lofts to purchase, or at least pictures of available lofts. Last night I dreamt of viewing one of these lofts and really liking it and then my aunt Janice (who has never been in a dream, that I recall) appears as the person who is selling the loft and starts taking me around to look at all of it, which is REALLY HUGE (3 stories...again, in a loft?), but totally falling apart. We then go walking out in the backyard (and tell me what loft has a backyard?) and she keeps pointing out things to me, like the basketball court and the extra room that comes with 15 dogs and a roommate, who is a nurse...go figure.

I wake up all of a sudden because there is a really loud noise in my room and it takes me a minute to figure out what it is, then realize that it is my fan (yes, it is winter, I sleep under four quilts, and still have a fan on...more for the white noise than anything), so I turn the fan off, take another Rolaids, crawl back in bed and make a mental note: "What a weird dream, I need to try and blog about it in the morning."

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Flashback Friday - A Couple Days Late

I knew I had a picture where I was wearing the very groovy white pleather boots (as mentioned in the Queen's Flashback a couple of weeks ago)!!