Friday, September 14, 2012

Things a Woman Should Do - Part 2

As stated in last week's post, I would continue on with the list of things that a woman should do according to this book:
So, here is the next batch:

  1. Order a whole Peking duck when dining out alone. (Yeah, I think I will be passing on this. I have no desire to have Peking duck when dining alone or with others.)
  2. Cultivate savoir faire - an effortless knack for saying or doing just the right thing in any situation. (Hmmm, this may take some work..."effortless"? Yeah, I doubt if I'll ever get there.)
  3. Go a month without shaving your legs. (I could SOOO get into doing this. I'll need to shoot for a month when it isn't shorts weather, so looks like it will probably be December...)
  4. Buy a really expensive well-made pair of boots. (I've already started a savings plan to do this. Look out Lucchese or Ariat or Justin...)
  5. Write your own erotica. (Hmm.... I plead the fifth on this one. )
  6. If you're lucky, learn to do one good impression, say, of Clint Eastwood; well, do you feel lucky, punk? (Well, I've already mastered my impression of a mime...I do a killer 'walk against the wind'.)
  7. Release one grudge a month. (This will be really good to do as it will lighten the dark clouds on my soul. This month I will release the grudge that I've been carrying against....well, hmm, I really can't think of a grudge that I've been carrying. Anybody know of one that they could suggest?)
  8. Organize a day spa for women living at a domestic violence shelter with services donated from a local beauty school. (This is a great idea. In the meantime, I'll just work to help organize a spa day in the near future for a certain somebody's special weekend.)
  9. Audition for community theater. (So, I don't really want to audition for the theater, but I think it would be great fun to volunteer to help out backstage or with costumes or something...)
  10. Get published. (Well, this HAS been one of my life-long dreams and while I have self-published a newsletter in college and have published a couple of internal manuals and books for work, I still want to publish my own book....Must get to work on that.)
That's it for now....

Pedis and Pinot

Sara and I regularly get together for pedicures and dinner/drinks. This gives us a chance to catch up with what has been going on with work and life and stuff. Last night was one such appointment. We first picked out our colors. We both selected a red polish. Mine was called Ruby Pumps, which made me think of Ruby Slippers and Wizard of Oz. Sara's polish was also of the Ruby name, I believe.

Anyway, after we were all done, I looked down at my toes and the color made me very happy. I exclaimed,  "It's like I have ruby disco ball toes!!" Luckily, Sara concurred and didn't just give me that look like I've gone completely insane. We, of course, took pictures of our toes at the salon, and realized that this would definitely be blog fodder. Sadly, my phone is completely screwing and did not save the actual pictures from the salon, so I had to recreate it when I got home:

After the salon, we headed to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I recently went through a big stack of gift cards that I had and realized I had one for that restaurant and am now bound and determined to use up all these cards.

Dinner was okay, although Sara has decided that TCF is completely against her as everything she ordered they came back and said they were out of.

All in all, it was a fun evening catching up and talking about future plans. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Philosophy - Laugh

I'm a philosophy girl. I don't know if I have mentioned that in the past, but I am. I love their products and, well, their philosophy. They always put some sort of witticism on their packaging. I recently finished up a bottle of their shampoo/shower/bubble bath entitled "Laugh". The scent of the product was pomegranate but the philosophy is:
Laughter is the best medicine. Laugh until you cry. Let your smile light your eyes and curve your lips. Fondly recall embarrassing moments, exchange jokes. Discover the humor in life's challenges. Have a goofy dance off. Cherish what tickles your fancy. Plan a game night. Say something playfully unexpected. Make silly faces. Laugh more often. 
On this day of remembrance (September 11), I challenge you all to acknowledge the loss and pain that our world has experienced. But, I also want you to take time to laugh and appreciate all that we have. I know I'm going to....and I know the dog is going to look at me strangely as I perform my own personal goofy dance...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Accomplish for Week of September 9

To bake: Cupcakes for the Office - Yeah, gonna try this again
To piece: Sedona Stars Quilt - This will need to be postponed until I get my machine fixed. 
To read: Finish The Minstrel Boy - Please, I'm getting tired of this book and its plot line. 
To finish: Put Binding on Black Tessellation quilt - This will also need to be postponed until I get my machine fixed. 

Oh, and I have another ceramics class, so I should be doing some painting this week...woo hoo...

Week's Accomplishments...

So last Sunday I posted what I intended to accomplish this coming week (See Accomplish for Week). Well, I didn't complete everything... I did not back cupcakes for the office. I did not finish reading The Minstrel Boy, although I did get a little further in it. And, I did not get the binding put on my Black Tessellation quilt.

I did, however, at least piece the blocks for my Sedona Stars quilt:
I also made a Nap Mat at the request of a friend for her son to take to preschool:

I will NEVER make another one of these. It has a built in pillow and blanket. There is some foam to make it cushy. Tabs with Velcro to close it and a strap to carry it. I found the instructions on-line and they were, well, less than clear....However, I persevered, it is done, and I have learned what my limitations are.

Sadly, about halfway through my tasks, my sewing machine went kaput on me, and I now need to find a machine shop to get it fixed, luckily, I have my traveling machine as a backup and it happily (yes, my machines have emotions) stepped in to help me finish the work.