Friday, September 7, 2012

Things a Woman Should Do

I recently came across the little book 98 Things a Woman Should Do in Her Lifetime:
Here is the first 10  and whether I have done it or plan to:

  1. Allow your chewy, salty heart to be marinated in the tender juices of a younger man's obsession. (I think I sorta did this when I was in 8th grade and was "going steady" with Paul Cline, who was in 7th grade.)
  2. Run for office, win, and then resign in a grand gesture of moral indigestion. (I really have no interest in running for any office...although maybe as part of a guild or club.... hmm, something to think about.)
  3. Ride a train through Europe (better yet, the Orient Express). (So, when I went to Europe in high school we did ride the train from Nice to Paris. However, I think now, as an adult I think riding the Orient Express may make it to my bucket list.)
  4. Say grace to the Goddess. (This is a special challenge as it digs at what I believe or don't believe. Can I just say that I say grace to "the powers" and be done with it?)
  5. Vote from lust. (I admit, I did this. I won't say who or when, but guilty as charged.)
  6. Tell Richard Simmons to just shut up and sit down. (Oh, I've done this one...yeah, it was to the television while I sat and ate cookies, but whatever. I've also done it to Billy Blanks for Tae Boe, Jane Fonda, the Zumba bitches and pretty much every other workout DVD star that I have purchased.)
  7. Paint a mural of your imagined past lives. (I haven't done this yet, but I take this as a challenge to represent it in a series of quilts.)
  8. Buy a pair of castanets and learn to use them. (I wish I had done this when I still lived at home, just to annoy the I might do it to freak the dog out.)
  9. Sing to a child. (Umm, yeah, nobody wants me to sing to them. What if I read to a child, because I do that all the time when I go and visit my friend's kid and did it for my niece and nephew when they were wee ones.)
  10. Sing to a dying parent. (Okay, I can do this...many years from now. Mom and Dad - Look out. Hopefully you all will have gone full on deaf by that point. Do you have any requests? OR, maybe you should be worried if I ever do start singing to you, because that may be when we start planning that trip to Alaska to get you set up on your ice floe....)
I'll share some more of these gems at another date and time. But in the meantime, all you women out there (and men as well) have you done any or all of these? 


Sara said...

hmmmm. I haven't done any and don't plan to. Although I'm contemplating running for city council.... I wouldn't resign, though. I'd regulate!

Jay said...

Did you really lust after Al Gore!!!! And...good idea while in Alaska....not to LEAVE us, but we could pick out the ice floe that we like...oh, but wait, with global warming it probably wouldn't be there when the time 20+ years! And...oh...I HATE these code things I have to type in to prove I am not a robot!!!

Jane said...

I want this book

Diane said...

Interesting. does singing happy birthday count?

Kim Thomas said...

Number 10 makes me really sad