Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Travels with ABBA

This morning I was getting ready in my hotel room and decided that I must be having a repeat of Monday...

I cut my knee while shaving...not a big deal and if that had been the only thing, but no, it was not. I get dressed, do my makeup, and dry my hair. I'm looking pretty fly for a white guy. I reach for the hairspray just to hold the do in place. I squirt here, I squirt there, I fluff and mold. And, then I stop and look at the bottle.....it would be a bottle of Febreze:
I then grab the bottle of Dove Hairspray, that was sitting right next to the Febreze,

 and attempt to correct the problem, to no avail. My hair was now soggy and limp and a strange greasy sheen to it (although it did smell fresh).

I quickly took off my shirt, grabbed a towel and shampoo and did a quick washing and drying of the hair, again. In the process, a managed to get water in my eye, thereby completely ruining one side of my makeup, which also had to be redone. Needless to say, it was a long day before the day even started.

(And in case you are wondering, I have moved the bottle of Febreze out of the bathroom so that I will not have a repeat of this issue tomorrow.)