Saturday, March 20, 2010

Casa ABBA - Part I

I LOVE my new house/home!!

I've now owned it for a whole week and I'm really, really far from being settled in, but I'm slowly getting there. The majority of the boxes are unpacked and even though the "stuff" isn't where it is going to be when it is all said and done, the boxes are out of the way and I can better see where things need to be (when I finally get furniture).

My family came over on Thursday and were so very helpful in betting stuff done. My dad and nephew worked together to put certain pieces of furniture together, which I could have done by myself but would have been a horrid struggle, so THANK YOU for doing the heavy lifting for me. Mom, thanks for putting all my shelf paper down. You now don't have to do that again for me. Marti and Kathleen, thanks for keeping me focused and getting me organized. My sister is the most organized person (well, probably on par with the Queen) and she is great at getting me focused on what task is at hand.

And while I stated the other day that my first gift was a great present from East Coast Andrea, I misspoke. My first housewarming present was one from Marti (and family). She got me a sparkly new crock pot, actually is a large crock pot in which I will be prepping all sorts of yummy meals that will last me for weeks and a small crock pot for scrumptious cheesy warming and what not. Marti had me get rid of my old crock pot back in California when we went through the Great Purge of 2008, which is when I got rid of lots and lots of stuff and was a good thing. Now I have a replacement pot that is even better than my old one!!

So while, Andrea's present was the first mailed present I stand corrected on what my first housewarming gift was.

The downside of this past week has been that my back, or rather lower back and hips, are a little out of whack. Between driving for 10 hours on Monday and then all the trips up and down stairs getting stuff out of the castle and bending over to unpack boxes I've put myself into a great deal of pain. I currently stand for short bursts and get what I can done before I have to get back into the bed and try and relax everything and get things back in place, then I'm up at trying to get it all done again.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Flashback Friday

The first weekend I stayed over when out in California, I drove down to Santa Cruz, just to check it out. It had actually snowed there and somebody made a snowman on the boardwalk didn't last long, but it was fun to see.

I've been in my house for a whole week now.... Do I miss California, some but I'm SOO happy to have this place that I can really, really call my own!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Casa ABBA Gift

This arrived today as I was busily working to unpack boxes!! Now I just need to find the right cake recipe so that I can use it!!

ADDENDUM - I completely forgot to mention that this was from Andrea Braun (East Coast Andrea), even though I THOUGHT that I had!! Thank you Andrea!!