Friday, March 27, 2009

The Way My Mind Works

I've been having a conversation with a friend of mine and I've come to the realization that not everybody has an internal dialogue like I have.

We were discussing how she could come up with ideas for her blog in relation to her business that she is starting on Etsy (On Gossamer Wings). She makes fairy wings for costumes, and they are really quite amazing. I was recommending that she come up with a background story and personality profile for each of the "faeries" that would wear the particular set of wings. See, I do that when I'm making a quilt. I have the conversation in my head of how I would give the quilt to a person and their reaction and then how it becomes an heirloom and is passed down through the family, etc. etc. So, when I asked her what she thinks about when she is creating her artwork, she told me she thinks about the next design. She sees things in shapes and colors and I see things in words.

It never dawned on me that not everybody thinks in words, and I realize that is very small-minded of me because now that I think about that, how do people who can't read think of things....

Well, that led us to talk about other things that we do while we are in our creative mode and we both admit that we will put movies on that we are very familiar with so that we can follow along with the dialogue without actually watching the moving pictures. And I commented that that worked fine for me until I tried to listen to "Castaway" and it was very tough to not stop and watch the movie because there isn't a whole lot of dialogue.

And that brought us back to the fact that I will have full conversations and arguments in my head with friends and family and they will never even know that I was mad at them because I worked it all out. And I have come to the conclusion that this is why when I broke up with my last boyfriend it came as such a shock to him because I had already argued out all the points and explained to him why I wasn't happy...I just did it in my own head and not actually with him.

Ah well, I guess someday I'll have to stop living so much in my head...even though for the most part it is my happy place.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tune Out Weekend

Well, I didn't do it.

I know that I planned to tune out this weekend and just "be" but I didn't quite get it done.

I did watch slightly less television than normal this weekend and did listen to some iPod and read quite a bit, but not as much as I planned.

I didn't work on quilts like I planned. I have just the binding and the sleeve left to go on the Queen's quilt and then I can ship it off to her with a nice bottle of wine...I'll try and work on that this week, but it'll require some time in front of the television because there is some hand sewing involved (which I HATE) but since it is for the wall and not for the bed, I figure I'll make it look nice.

I did go to the grocery store, which I hadn't done since my folks had visited, and stocked up on frozen meals, yogurt, and fruit to last me for at least a couple of weeks.

I did go through a year's worth of magazines that had stacked up and tore out the articles that were of interest to me and recycled the magazines, which got rid of one big stack taking up room in the apartment.

Oh, and I did do my taxes, found my birth certificate so that I can go get my passport, and put away two weeks worth of clean clothes that needed to be put on hangers.

And, I slept. I am feeling rested, which is a nice feeling. I have plans swirling around in my head of quilts that I want to work on, now I just need to get them on paper and then into fabric.

I didn't have quite the weekend that I planned to have, but I did have a good weekend and in the end, that is what counts.