Saturday, September 19, 2009

Easily Distracted

As I'm sure you are ALL aware by now, I'm moving back to Texas. In fact, the movers are showing up on Monday at 9:00 AM..... I'm not packed yet..... I still have a LOT to do..... I'm distracted.....

First thing this morning I got up and went to my storage unit and pulled the last of things out of there that I needed to pack a little better as well as get my luggage, since I'm packing my clothes and taking them with me so that I'll have them with me.... the movers have a 30 day window when they will show up in Texas. I came home and got the stuff out of my car and threw some things in the trash. Then I took a break and did a little Facebooking...took care of my farm and did a couple of Vampire missions.... I know sad, sad.

Next, I started packing my luggage.... and yes, I've managed to get all of my clothes into 3 huge over stuffed suitcases (well, except for my undies and my outerwear).

I took a break and talked to my mom for a bit. Managed to actually zip up the 3 stuffed suitcases and now have sores on my fingers.... oh well.

Next I decided to figure out which shoes needed to come with me and which could go with the movers (see above comment about 30 day wind0w). Of course, instead of just putting them into a box for shipping, I had to try on every pair and sort out which ones I didn't even need to bring with me, which will be left for Goodwill. Then I decided that I needed a break and turned on the television.... Let's see.....

What's on....

"Hoarders"....This show makes me realize that I'm not that terrible, really, I'm not.... yet...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Camping Day Three

Tonight is the final night least until I come back next year.

Today was pretty much like yesterday...breakfast, load up the boat, go to the cove, kill a couple bottles of bubbly (it is amazing how fast they go), go back quickly to camp, pick up more bubbly and some more passengers, go float/drink, etc.

Jill did get up on the wake skate a couple of times and did great. David, one of our crazy Irishmen, tried his hand at wake boarding and driving the boat. We then stopped for a late lunch and picked up, yep you guessed it...more bubbly. The inner tube came out and we did some dragging people on that...I've agreed to do the tube next steps for me.

Eventually we headed back to the cove. The exciting part of the afternoon was when Jill tried to push me off the side of the boat but instead I man-handled her over the bow and into the drink...I then jumped in right after, but of my own accord.

Dinner was again yummy and it is amazing how hungry and tired you can get after a full day on the water.

I will definitely be back. It is really great to have this sort of down time to just relax and enjoy being with friends...I'm gonna miss these guys when I move back to Texas...