Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stay-cation Here I Come

I am only a few hours away from a week long stay-cation. When people ask me what my plans are for my vacation or where I'm going I tell them "nothing and nowhere"; which technically isn't true. When my Mom came to visit over Memorial Day weekend, she helped me organize my quilting studio, among other things. In the process of doing this we sat down and made a list of all the quilt projects that are in some state of completion. These included
  • Quilt tops that are completed
  • Quilted quilts that need binding or some other finishing touch
  • Quilt squares that need to be made into finished products
  • Kits that have been purchased but need to be tackled
The list didn't include ALL the other ideas that I have and want to do. But it did come up to 52 quilt projects that need to be tackled.

We also listed out the remaining work that each quilt requires, and this is when I should have taken the Queen up on her offer to incorporate it all into a lovely spreadsheet...might still have to do that or maybe a database....sorry, got side-tracked.

So, back to my stay-cation. I have no intention of completing all of these projects in the next week (heck, I don't plan on completing them all in the next year), but I am going to really tackle getting as much done as I possibly can (between the naps and the massage that I've scheduled and the reading).

Therefore, I guess I'm not going to be doing "nothing". I guess I'm going to be working, a lot, but it'll hopefully be work that I'll enjoy.

And, yes, I'll post pictures as I complete things.