Monday, May 6, 2013

Fairy Thoughts

This past weekend I went to Scarborough Faire with my wonderfully talented friend Angie. She makes amazing fairy wings. (If you want to acquire your own pair check out her website On Gossamer Wings.) Anyway, she allowed me to borrow a pair of her wings while attending the faire:

She is in the green and I'm in the monarch wings. More than anything, she amazes me as to how easily she can slip into the character of a fairy. People are always wanting to take pictures and the children are so amazed by her and she is more than willing to always stop and talk to them. On one such occasion, a father came forward with his daughter and asked, "Do you mind, this is a hands on experience." It was quickly realized that his daughter was blind. I willingly allowed her to feel my velvet bodice and blouse, my face, hair, etc. she then moved on to Angie. While I was able to speak some to this young girl, Angie immediately slipped into character and described everything that she was wearing and all the things around her. She then asked the girl what she was on this day (the girl was wearing a warrior ensemble). The conversation carried on for going on 10+ minutes and I was truly in awe.

I later wondered how you would describe colors to a blind person to help them understand. Chocolate brown, I can understand because when you taste chocolate you can imagine what it looks and feels like. There are other colors that can be "tasted" like reds (strawberry, pepper, fiery, etc.), yellow (tart lemon), green (smell of grass, lime, granny smith apple, etc.), orange (well, orange....). What other colors can be described by taste or smell.....


Wild Life in the 'Hood

I've been seeing lots of wild life recently in the neighborhood. A few weeks ago, I was sitting on the couch and heard a tap tap tapping at the door. I looked up and saw:

Yes, that is a roadrunner sitting on the ledge of the window above my door. I, obviously, grabbed my camera took that picture and then went outside after she jumped down and got another picture of her in my yard:

We have also been seeing an over abundance of rabbits around...I haven't bothered to get any pictures of them, although they do seem to enjoy teasing poor Leo as they will sit in the backyard while he is trapped in the house.

Today, as I was driving out of the neighborhood, I turned the corner and saw this strange mass in the middle of the street. The mass then started to move and as I got closer it made its way to the curb:

Here is another shot of the momma duck with her babies following behind, doing as they are told.

Gotta love Mother Nature....