Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Have Concerns

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I joined a gym. As part of the gym experience, I decided to "splurge" on myself and get a personal trainer and to work with a dietitian. (Mind you I KNOW how to work out and I KNOW what to eat, but it is a matter of making myself accountable to somebody besides myself while I am building the habits.) So far, however, I'm a little concerned at the caliber of people the gym puts me into contact with.

Personal Trainer
I signed up for a personal trainer on the day that I went in to look at the gym and to sign up, which was a Wednesday. The salesman in charge of the trainers gave my name to a new trainer and told me that she would be calling me to set up a time to workout no later than Thursday evening, and probably by the time I got home on Wednesday.
Friday I returned to the gym to get my membership card. While there, I ran into the salesman and told him that I hadn't heard from the trainer and was a little concerned because, hello, I'd already paid for this... He jumped right on the phone and put me in touch with another trainer (who is actually wonderful and is really good for me) with whom I set up an appointment for the following Monday evening.
On Sunday evening at 7 PM, I get a call from the first loopy girl trainer, which I just let go to voicemail; I didn't call her back because I'd already set up time with another trainer and if she was going to wait 5 days to set up an appointment with me this job is obviously not important to her.
So, a week later, the following Sunday, I'm at my parents' house visiting and the phone rings....It is the loopy girl trainer calling trying to track me down. Now, the ONLY reason she had my parents' phone number is because they are listed as my Emergency Contact. EMERGENCY CONTACT....this was NOT an emergency. I informed her that I've already started working with another trainer.

When I met with my trainer, Kyle, on Monday, I asked him "Quick question...When do you all use the Emergency Contact information that I provide?"
Kyle: Oh, if something happens I'll be driving you to the hospital.
ABBA: Well, that's good and my insurance card is in my shoe pocket. But that isn't why I asked.
I then proceed to explain to him the situation.
Kyle: I know EXACTLY who you are talking about and I'll have a discussion with her about this as that is not appropriate behavior.

First call....Phone rings....I answer....
ABBA: Hello, this is Andrea, how can I help you? (It is a work number so I have to pretend to be professional)
Dietitian: Hi, may I speak with Andrea?
ABBA: Speaking
Dietitian: Carrying on conversation with somebody else.
ABBA: Hello?
Dietitian: Yes, may I speak with Andrea?
ABBA, sternly: Speaking
Dietitian: I'd like to speak with....
ABBA: You ARE speaking with her.
Dietitian: Oh, great, I'd like to set up a, blah blah blah

Second call...Phone rings....I answer...
ABBA: {Company Name}, this is Andrea
Dietitian: Hi, may I speak with Andrea?
ABBA, sternly: Speaking....

I'm concerned that she has a hearing problem....or is it a listening problem....guess I'll find out this evening when I actually meet with her.

Hopefully, all the kinks have been worked out now and I won't have to deal with anymore duffuses (or is the plural of duffus duffi?).

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Casa ABBA - House Warming Presents

I have gotten some GREAT Casa-warming presents, thus far...

1. Crock pot from my sister...gonna try and use that this weekend.
2. Adorable cake server from East Coast Andrea.

3. Gift certificate from Jenn (which will be used in the VERY near future)
4. Wall quilt from my mother, which was combined as a birthday present.

Where I've Been, Where I Am, Where I'm Going

I want to apologize to all my loyal readers out there, especially if there are any left, for my prolonged absence. I know there is no excuse for me to not provide an update on a more regular basis, but to be honest, I just plain didn't feel like it. Part of that has been that since my move I've been feeling very discombobulated and out of sorts because I don't have a routine and I couldn't find some things and I was having some internal struggles that kept me from participating out here.

But that is changing, or at least I'm forcing the change that I want to see. What is the Gandhi quote "Be the change you wish to see..."?

Where I've Been? At the office, home, driving back and forth. I did spend about 10 days in Washington D.C., which will be a whole series of posts. It was a trip for work, but I snuck in A LOT of site seeing time on the weekends. I've also been spending a lot of time in furniture stores looking to furnish Casa ABBA. That has been fun, exciting, and uber-frustrating!! Down at my folks' house, visiting with my sister, doing all those things that I told myself I would do when I moved back to Texas.

Where I Am? Emotionally, right now, I'm doing pretty good. Physically, well...I gave myself a birthday present of a gym membership and personal trainer. Not really certain how much of a present that is to myself, but it is definitely kicking me in the {bleep}. Its a good thing and I needed to do it. I've been getting myself out of bed at about 4:00 AM so that I can eat something and be at the gym by 4:30 - 5:00 to work out. Needless to say I'm one tuckered out ABBA by the end of the day.

Where Am I Going? Upcoming plans include another trip back to D.C. and a trip to Scarborough Faire, although I don't think I'll be dressing up this trip, but who knows. I'm sticking around the house for a couple of weekends, and will be doing some dog-sitting for the Queen while she is off gallivanting around getting her diploma.

So many other things occurring and I promise that I'll be better at the documenting my life....