Monday, February 7, 2011

What I Did During the Blizzard of '11

N - O - T - H - I - N - G!!!

Okay, so that isn't 100% true, but I really didn't do much. I set up my printer that I purchased in mid-December. I set up my new home phones that I purchased in like September (and in all honesty, this was done this morning and not during the blizzard...and well, to be totally honest I set the printer up yesterday while watching all the snow melt away....)

I did finish a quilt top and spreadsheeted (just made up that word) all of my quilt projects including the steps that are remaining for each (e.g., piece, quilt, bind) and whether there is something that I need to get for them (e.g., backing fabric, Steam-a-Seam).

I broke down and called a couple of people just so I could hear a human voice that wasn't coming from the radio or television...although I still haven't had a face-to-face conversation with another human being (I did go to Walmart today, but did self-checkout just to avoid speaking with somebody)....Oh, wait!!! I did talk to a person at Walmart.... the lady getting into/out of the car parked next to me. She was wandering around her car opening a door and doing something and doing something at another door while I was loading my groceries into my car. After I put my basket into the basket corral she went and got it out. I apologized (don't really know why) saying that I would have handed it to her but I thought she was getting in....I guess she had a wee one in the backseat that she was going to load into the cart and take in with her. She didn't speak English, so I'm not certain she understood me and I think I scared the be-jeezus out of her...but oh well.

Hmmm, what else did I do.....I went through two boxes of magazines from my mom and flagged interesting articles and quilt projects that I'm now going to scan with my fancy-dancy new printer/scanner and store them away and never do anything with. I stared at (and screamed at) my work computer. I accepted my old job back. I did laundry. I talked to my mom a couple of times.

Sheesh, this Blizzard/Hermit time was REALLY boring..... We are in for another front and possibly more bad weather this week. I bought some kitty litter to spread on my front stoop if it ices over again. Hopefully, I'll be able to convince myself to get off the couch a little more it the weather does turn nasty again....or even if it doesn't turn nasty, I really need to figure out how to disconnect the ass-magnet that is keeping me stuck on the couch...