Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quilters Are Rule Followers

Today I am in California at the Pacific International Quilts Festival to see some amazing quilts. Since I'm functioning on ABBA-time, I arrive plenty early and have to wait for the doors to open, along with a number of other quilters. Funny thing is that instead of jockey-ing for position to get through the doors we all line up nicely in a single-file line. There is just something comforting about knowing there are people out here that still understand the simple rules of courtesy.

Of course, it'll be a totally different story when we get inside the convention center and are actually looking at the quilts. From experience I know that all these nice quilterly women/men get tunnel vision and don't realize there are others who want to look at the quilts as well or who will walk through your picture without a care.

Can hardly wait!! I always leave here with lots of motivation!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thank Goodness for ABBA-Time

Once again I find myself struggling to get to the airport. Every opportunity I had to make a wrong turn I took. Why is this? I mean, I've driven to the parking place/airport a gillion times, but the last two times that I've come out here has turned me in circles. Is in because I'm heading back to California? Is it because I didn't sleep last night and am in a bit of a fog? Who knows...
All I do know is that I'm very happy that I checked in yesterday and I always leave early...