Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Birthday Memories

A year ago today I was having a wonderful adventure with my Dad. We were zip lining through the Hawaii rainforest laughing and racing and having the time of our lives. Later, we met up back with mom and headed back to the hotel where we got cleaned up and ready to go to our evening luau, where my Dad actually got up learned how to hula with my Mom and me. 

This was just one day of a great trip with my parents to celebrate their 50th state to visit, their 50th anniversary year, and my birthday. 

That is how I spent my birthday last year...this year I'm spending my birthday doing super fun things like grocery shopping, some laundry, reading, and letting my mind wander to some of the best memories of my dad (and of course thanking my mom for what she went through some mmrryuphh years ago).