Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ceramics Class

Last night was my first Ceramics Class. I decided a while back that I wanted to learn how to make pottery and signed up at the community college's continuing education program to learn. The first 7 weeks is all about hand building techniques,

the next 7 will be focused on using the pottery wheel.
Admittedly, I was a little challenged in last night's class. I'm just not very patient or precise, however, I will learn to be or learn to accept my faults. Here is the syllabus for the coming weeks (my Mom will enjoy this):

9/4 - Slab Trays, Plates, and Dishes (I made a couple of small bowl things to put jewelry in and a large pasta bowl/plate/thingy)
9/11 - Glazing previous week's works. Large Sag and Drape Bowls
9/18 - Mugs and Containers/Pots
9/25 - Teapots, Bird Houses, and Sculpture (really looking forward to this one)
10/2 - Sculpture or Student's Choice
10/9 - Student's Choice
10/16 - Glaze only....gotta finish up all those projects that we have been working on

I really enjoyed the class yesterday and the teacher is so young. She teaches art at the High School where we meet (I'll need to get a picture of her classroom as my Mom will have room envy). There are 5 other students in the class. Two younger ladies who are pretty quiet and just work away on their projects. One lady who I've determined is just an oddball as she was matchy-matchy head to toe and then when picking out aprons she HAD to have the green one to continue the matching (we'll see if next week she wears green again) she also used the same doily in every single piece she made, no experimentation, no innovation, no deviation. There is one guy in the class, who I actually spent most of my time talking to (who knows, maybe this is my destiny).

The final lady in the class has taken classes from the instructor before and annoyed me right off the bat. I have no issue with people taking classes from the same instructor, but what annoys me is when they come in and then monopolize the instructor's time by talking about what they learned in the previous session or just visiting as if they are old friends. The other 5 people in the class are complete novices to working with clay and the one 'student' was just not being very considerate and the instructor was not being very instructive...Ah well, I'll just have to get past it.

So, it'll be a couple of weeks before I have anything to show, but looking forward to seeing what I can produce, even if it is crap, it'll be my crap!!


Sara said...

I love this! what a fun creative outlet. Of course, I understand the frustration in pursuit of perfection ;)

can't wait for the weekly updates/pics

Jay said...

Good for you!!! Expanding those wings!!! You will learn so much and just the exposure to something totally out of your comfort zone is wonderful...Arrowmont here we come!!

Diane said...

How fun! Make Leo a treat jar?

Jane said...

I did this a couple years ago, still love my crap

Kim Thomas said...

I would love love love to do this. Can't wait to see your creations