Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Leo Update Part 2

So, I may have jumped the gun on reporting that the hound is in good health as we have had some issues this weekend. Here is a quickie timeline:

Friday evening - Leo finally eats a chew bone that he has been carrying around all over the house all week.
Saturday morning - Leo eats his breakfast as normal.
Saturday mid-morning - Leo vomits twice in the studio then refuses to eat anything else the rest of the day. He also spends the rest of the day on the couch or trying to snuggle up with me or on my lap.
Saturday evening - Leo spends the evening in his crate on a comfy pillow without issue as I went to my sister's house for dinner in celebration of my nephew's 15th birthday.
Saturday night - We sleep without issue, aside from some minor whining...on my part.
Sunday morning - Leo nibbles at breakfast, but doesn't eat much. Instead he mopes on either the couch or at the top of the stairs in the studio.
Sunday...all day - Leo has serious gas issues and if I had some doggie beano he would have gotten it shoved down his throat. Instead, I just kept a can of Febreeze handy.
Sunday evening - I went out to dinner with my friend, Jennifer, even though I was worried about Leo as he hadn't eaten anything aside from a couple of nibbles and some water.
Sunday night - Leo FINALLY eats his food.
Monday morning - We are back to not eating anything. However, the gas issues have gone, so fingers are crossed that things are looking up.
Monday afternoon - still without having eaten any food, I'm starting to get a little worried. He also wants nothing more than to be on my lap.
Monday night about 8:15 - Leo throws up again. However, this time, since there is nothing in his stomach it is all bile.
Monday night about 9:00 - I'm starting to get really worried because he hasn't eaten anything all day and barely anything yesterday so I start rummaging through the house trying to think of something that would be easy on his tummy.
Monday night 9:10 - I Google whether dogs can eat eggs. YES! Eggs are a good source of protein for a dog and they can eat the yolks as well as they do not have cholesterol issues. I peel a hard boiled egg and chop it up for him and put it in front of his nose. He sniffs it and tries it then gobbles it down. I go ahead and give him a second one just to get some food in his tummy. This seems to perk him up quite a bit, which is a bad thing since it is also bedtime. Luckily after some coaxing, we curl up and go to sleep.
Tuesday morning - Leo gets his normal kibble back. He sniffs it. Looks at me with the "really? this is what you are giving me?" look and chows down. We then go to daycare where he is practically unable to contain himself as I'm pulling into the parking lot...at least I know he is someplace that makes him happy.....

So, conclusions? Either the bone that he had been carrying around was bad and that put him off food all weekend or he was having anxiety and missing "school". Hopefully, this too shall pass.

Also, before anybody recommends cooked rice in the future, I have tried that and he doesn't go for it. I've even tried it with a little chicken broth on it....nope. So, going forward I will just have to keep some hard boiled eggs in the house, which is okay, because I like 'em as well. 


Sara said...

poor baby (and mama)! next time you're at the vet, ask them about the canned food that is good for upset stomachs. might not hurt to have some on-hand. I don't think it goes bad.

Jay said...

Such a good mommy!!!!

Diane said...

He missed his sister at daycare