Sunday, November 21, 2010

Margarita Ball Update

Last night I went to the 2010 Margarita Ball as mentioned in my previous (slightly drunk) post. This was a dress-up event where men wore tuxedos and women wore fancy party dresses. My friend Jennifer got the tickets and convinced me that I wanted to go. When I asked what one would wear to such an event, she told me and described it as "prom for adults". This wasn't really all that helpful since I didn't go to my first prom.....but I managed to pull off a grown up fancy look and had a certain amount of fun (up until I got tired and my feet started hurting in my cute strappy sandals). Here are some things that I observed at this adult prom and I wonder how many of these would have been seen at my prom some 20 years ago....
  • Free flowing margaritas while they lasted
  • Silent auction, including an Audi convertible and spa trips to Fiji
  • Drink tickets
  • Stripper poles, with GoGo dancers (I couldn't convince Jennifer to get up on the stripper box and while I felt confident on how to get up there.....there was no way I could actually work the pole.)
  • Fake boobs....lots of 'em
  • Mountain of toys
  • Aged women in slinky, animal-print dresses (who knew leopard dresses with spangles were in style)
  • Casino tables
  • Dirty-old men with very young women in very short slinky dresses
  • Did I mention the mountain of toys? That was the coolest part.
I think if Jennifer asks me back next year, I will definitely do this again. It was great fun and I've learned some things that will hopefully improve the experience next time.....for one, I'll take a nap so that I can keep going past midnight.


Queen B said...


It sounds totally fun!!! :)

Jane said...

I wanna go next year!