Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome to 2009!!

I hope that everybody has had a great holiday season. Here is a recap of what I have been doing over the past couple of weeks: 
  • Spent a couple of days with the Queen and King and Puppies. Had a great time just relaxing with those guys. I was lucky to have the King cook for me and it was yummy!
  • Went to the folks house and hung out with Mom and Dad. 
  • Read three books (The Boleyn Inheritance, Practical Demon-Keeping, and Interred with Their Bones). 
  • Went to the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame. Now I have adopted a cowgirl philosophy to rope a great life. 
  • Spent time with my niece and nephew, who are growing up WAY to fast. 
  • Lost the father of a very good friend. And my thoughts and prayers are with her family. 
  • Saw all the beautiful stuff that my mom and dad are working on (hand-dyed/painted fabrics/quilts and woodwork, respectively). 
  • Started my pro and con lists to staying in California vs. moving back to Texas. 
I know, not that exciting for two weeks of vacation. But it has been a really perfect time for me. I'm relaxed and ready to go back to the office with a new attitude. 


Paula said...

Like the new blog look!
Sounds like a great 2 weeks to me, other than the passing of your friend's condolences.
I like pro/con lists. They help to think things out, but sometimes, just seeing the cons written on paper make them seems so final & real! Happy New Year!

Queen B said...

Hey, visiting the King/Queen/Puppies and getting a meal cooked by a King sounds like a good vaca to me ;)

If you've adopted a Cowgirl philosophy, I think a move back to TX is the right way to go ;)

Kim Thomas said...

Love the new layout! Happy New Year!