Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Drive "Home" - Day One

Yesterday, I had a great crew of movers show up and do a fantastic job of packing up all of my worldly possessions. I used the Delancy Street Movers and would highly recommend them to anybody moving in the Bay Area...I don't know if they have locations in other cities. The Delancy Street Foundation helps pick people up when they have hit bottom (addicts, alcoholics, ex-cons, etc.). The guys show up and while the team lead is covered in tattoos, from the parts that I can see, and the others have prison tattoos and the like, they were all perfect gentlemen...very respectful of me and my stuff. I have complete faith that my belongings are going to show up in Texas with no issues...aside from the crappy job I did of packing my own things. As I told my sister when she called, "unpacking is going to be very interesting because I have probably 10 boxes that just have 'random' as their label, which means I have something from the bedroom, some books, and maybe a pot or pan in the box.

After the movers finished with me, I headed back to the apartment and "cleaned" until I was just too worn out and decided to just throw everything that was left away and be done with it. I drove down to my boss's house, where I was spending the night, we had dinner and then headed off to bed.

This morning, I slept in, as much as I can. Once I got up and got around, I rearranged my car, then headed out. I love my Tom-Tom that I purchased solely for this trip as it is wonderful in directing me where I need to go and I don't have to drive off the road trying to read my Google Map directions.

I arrived at Tenaya Lodge and thus far am very happy with my stay. I would love to come back to this place in the winter and actually take part in some of the winter activities that they offer like ice skating and snow shoeing. The people here are very nice and helpful. When I first pulled up the bellhop was exceedingly helpful and friendly without, I think/hope, expecting anything from me. I got up to my room and had to take care of some work stuff, but then went for a walk around the hotel and sat outside reading... In fact, I finished my book, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies... Very cute book and since I've never read the original Pride and Prejudice I wasn't offended by having zombies and martial arts thrown into the story line.

5:30 came around and I headed off to one of the 3 restaurants that they have on site. I sat out on the patio and had a scrumptious grilled chicken picata with garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus, and squash. I topped the meal off with a Tiramisu.... yummy, yummy, yummy. I was joined at one point by a little bird that just sat on the table directly across from me and watched me eat... it was a little strange as I munched away on chicken....

Now, I am back up in my room reflecting on the past couple of days and watching Dancing with the Stars....


Kim Thomas said...

I so wish I was in Yosemite right now! I envy a solo trip, I love some good ole alone time.

Queen B said...

I would definitely be up for a winter trip.... always been intrigued by snow shoeing.

It's only fitting that you had ex-cons moving you out of your apartment :)

I miss Terri :(

Great decision on the Tom Tom - I can't wait to play with it when we carpool :)

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for Sunday!!! What time do you think you'll be arriving?

Jenn Ann said...

Did the Queen actually ask you for an arrival time on SUNDAY?! Clearly she's excited ;)

Tom Toms are great! We borrow the one that we bought for my directionally challenged sister when we travel. Did you download one of the cool voices from their website?

Can't say I'm not getting a good amount of alone time with books and critters, but would LOVE to be in Yosemite!!!