Monday, September 27, 2010

2010 Book 17 - Full Dark House

I just finished Christopher Fowler's book Full Dark House, which is the first in a series of "Peculiar Crime Unit" books. Here is the back cover description:
A bomb rips through present-day London, tragically ending the crime-fighting partnership of Arthur Bryant and John May begun more than a half-century ago during another infamous bombing: the Blitz of World War II. Desperately searching for clues to the saboteur's identity, May finds the notes his old friend kept of their very first case and a past that may have returned...with murderous vengeance. It was an investigation that began with the grisly murder of a pretty young dancer. In a city shaken by war, a faceless killer stalked London's theater row, creating his own sinister drama. And it would take Bryant's unorthodox techniques and May's dogged police work to catch a fiend whose ability to escape detection seemed almost supernatural - a murderer who decades later may have returned to kill one of them...and won't stop until he kills the other.
Really enjoyed this book. It had interesting plot twists; some red herrings; humor.... Fun book that I would recommend. And, I'm going to invest in the other books in this series (or at least one more of them to give a second try). There were some plodding parts, but worth getting through to the twist in the end. Definitely, a book that I would recommend to anybody who wants a light-hearted mystery.

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Queen B said...

can you add to my pile? I still owe the return of Shutter Island, which was completely delayed by including Chris in the reading process ;) we ended up just seeing the movie....