Monday, December 6, 2010


I don't often ask for people to pray for or send positive vibes my way, but I'm doing so this week. My niece, Kathleen is having surgery on Wednesday at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital to correct two curves in her back caused by scoliosis. She is 16 and has been in a brace since she was just a wee little thing. This girl was born with an old soul and is the most amazing person I know. From the time she started wearing her brace to now, she has accepted her plight with grace and strength...stronger than most of us "grown-ups". It breaks my heart that she has had to go through this but I know that she is a survivor and is surrounded with love.

So, please, keep her in your thoughts. Send strength to my sister and brother-in-law so that they can take care of her. And send patience to my parents because I know they will be anxious the whole time.

And, Kathleen, know that we all love and admire and with only the best for you.

PS. If you have young kids, don't wait to have their backs checked. My sister thought she saw a curve in Kathleen at an early age and hopefully catching it early helped to reduce some of the curvature.
PSS. Support the Scottish Rite Hospital. They have been lifesavers to my family and to so many others throughout the years.


Queen B said...

I put her on our prayer list at church yesterday :)

I definitely hope this surgery makes her suffering much less.... she deserves some comfort!

Jay said...

We are of a like mind...wonder why????

Jane said...

God Bless, all my prayers!!!

Kim Thomas said...

I just saw this, how is she doing?