Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2011 Book Nine - Club Dead

So, I've finished another book on my beloved Kindle. And, yes, it is the third in the Sookie Stackhouse series. This one, Club Dead, was a quick read that I enjoyed...I love the brain candy that these books afford me. Here is the write up from Amazon:

Sookie Stackhouse is having man trouble. Her vampire boyfriend, Bill, has been distant and inattentive lately. Then he announces that he is going on a business trip, which clearly is more than it seems. After a werewolf tries to abduct Sookie at work, Bill's boss, Eric, tells her that Bill fell under the sway of his--Bill's, that is--ex, a sexy vamp named Lorena, and has been kidnapped. Eric wants Sookie's help in getting Bill back, and despite her hurt over Bill's betrayal, Sookie agrees to go to Jackson, Mississippi, to find her wayward lover. Eric has persuaded Alcide, a dashing werewolf, to get Sookie access to Josephine's, aka Club Dead, the local hangout of Jackson's supernatural element. In between dodging kidnappers, the advances of amorous Eric, and her growing feelings for Alcide, Sookie has to find out who kidnapped Bill and figure out a way to rescue him. With some droll touches--Elvis, now a vampire, is Sookie's faithful guard --Club Dead is ideal for readers who like their vampire fiction light, humorous, and fast-paced.

As I stated earlier, I am enjoying these books immensely and am having a hard time pulling myself away from reading and actually getting stuff that I need to do done. Ah well, we all need down time, right?