Thursday, March 29, 2012

Six Degrees of....

There has been a recent conversation string going on within my little 4-pack of cubicles and the folks that I work with regarding....Top Gun. It started innocently enough:

ABBA: Hey, y'all. I just saw an article that women are no longer going to be required to wear bikinis as the Sand Volleyball uniform in the Olympics.
CoWorker #1: They never required men to wear speedos, did they?
CW #2: Have you all seen that one guy volleyball player who is really tall and blocks everything...
ABBA: I don't know much about sand volleyball, except for the scene in Top Gun.
CW#2: Oh Yeah!!
ABBA: {sarcastically} So realistic when Tom Cruise flexed his muscles to check his watch. And come on that has got to be gross putting on his t-shirt and boots with no socks all sweaty and sandy from the beach. If I were what's her name and he showed up at my house like that I'd be all "get out".
CW #2: Meg Ryan?
ABBA: No, Meg Ryan was married to Dr. Green.
CW#2: Oh right, "Hey Goose, take me to bed or lose me forever..." Great movie line.
ABBA: Yeah. No. Kelly McGillis was Tom's lady friend.
CW#1: I can't picture her. {Google's her picture} WOW, she looks different.
ABBA: Yeah. A little rough looking these days.

Next Day.....
CW#2: Did you all hear that Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins broke up?
ABBA: No!! Really?!? You know, he was Tom Cruise's 3rd RIO in Top Gun.
CW#1: Really?!?
ABBA: Yep. Dr. Green was his first, Goose. Then the guy from Walker, Texas Ranger was his second after Goose died. Then Tim Robbins when they were out on the ship and saved Iceman's ass.
CW#2: You really know that movie, don't you?
ABBA: Yeah. It came out my freshman year in college and at A&M it was a big deal.

Later that same day....
ABBA: Isn't David Duke the KKK leader?
CW#1: Huh? Speaking of the Klan, I watched Steel Magnolias the other day. It was really good.
CW#3: You just lost your man card.
ABBA: Steel Magnolias and the Klan?!?
CW#1: No, wait. Fried Green Tomatos.... That has the Klan and is a really good movie.
CW#3: Who all was in Steel Magnolias?
CW#2: Shirley McClain, Julia Roberts, who was that other funny old lady....
ABBA: Olympia Dukakis?
CW#2: Yeah!!
CW#3: Wasn't Tom Skirrit in that too?
ABBA: Yes. AND he was in Top Gun...


Jay said...

You all are really working way too hard!!! But you do have good taste in movies! Andrea, you sure have an interesting selective memory!!!

SAngRiA Smiles said...

your team is too young to have watched those movies. who were CW1 and 2??

Jane said...

I sometimes miss office small talk