Friday, March 23, 2012

Sleeping with The Devil

As you know, I have a dog who I refer to with all the love in my heart as "Devil Dog". He brings me lots of joy and happiness and there is nothing like coming home and having somebody there who is just beyond himself with excitement to see me (that or he is excited to be let out of the crate and fed). At the last vet visit, he weighed in at about 40 pounds, so while not huge, he is a good sized fella. Unfortunately, I have allowed him to sleep with me and well here are some Picaso-esque renditions of how a typical night goes:
Lights Out - In this rendition, we are settled in. I am the greenish blob, usually sleeping on my side facing out. He is the brownish circle usually curled nicely at my knees or the small of my back.
Midnight-ish - You will notice that our positions are beginning to shift. I am now on my back and he had curled up under my arm with his head on my chest and often times breathing hot doggy breath in my face.

3 AM - I have started to shift to my stomach and he is taking over my pillow. I probably should have turned him around at this point because often times his legs are now poking me in the back and he is kicking me as he runs in his sleep.

Alarm Goes Off - You will see that I have pretty much shifted way down on the bed or more often than not, I am clinging to the side as he completely and totally takes over my spot in the bed.
On top of this, he snores. Not the sweet puffy kind of snoring but the peel the paint off the ceiling, 80 year old man with sleep apnea kind of snoring.
I know that I did bring this all on myself and I could easily correct this by not allowing him in my bed, but I'm just too soft....


SAngRiA Smiles said...

LOL. love this :) Princess takes the behind my knees spot, Doogie the curled up in ball at my stomach. It only gets bad if they end up on the same side, touch each other, and start a big fight.....while I'm sleeping. ah, dogs

Diane said...

This is great!! Make him stay on his own side of the bed, that is what I tell Spot:)

Kim Thomas said...

RO RO RO, this is the best post ever but while I RO I am also so sad because it makes me miss my Katie girl. We are approaching one year that she has been gone. We used to sleep all night in the lights out position.

Jane said...