Thursday, April 5, 2012

Subliminal Italian Part Due

As I mentioned in my last blog, I'm trying to learn Italian, or at least some, before my trip to Italy. I am still listening to the books as I fall asleep, but I'm concerned that I may be missing the whole end of the book as I don't know if my Kindle Fire continues playing it....perhaps I need to run through the whole book while awake....

Anyway, I was visiting with Sara recently and I had her listen to a bit of the book and I have to say, it makes me laugh. The whole thing is played to music with a bit of a backbeat and the people talking repeat things almost as if they are rapping, but a very smooth, easy-listening jazz sort of rapping. For example:

"I would like... Vorrei... I would like.... Vorrei... I would like.... Vorrei Vorrei Vorrei... A coffee... un caffe... a coffee.... un caffe.... a coffee.... un caffe un caffe un caffe caffe caffe.... I would like... a coffee... Vorrei un caffe.... with milk... un cappuccino un cappuccino un cappuccino...."

And so on. That is the only part that I can easily recall and I can see myself at a restaurant in Rome saying "Vorrei un cappuccino un cappuccino un cappucino..." They are going to think not only am I a rude American but I'm a mentally challenged American.

Ah well, we shall see. 51 days before I head out and so much to do.