Thursday, June 14, 2012

Illness in Casa ABBA

The past 24 hours have been challenging in Casa ABBA. I woke up yesterday morning with a pretty rough cough and sore throat and opted to work from home and try to get in to see my doctor. I called and made an appointment for 9:00 AM. The doctor said that I probably had picked up a viral bug and gave me a prescription for a Z-Pack only if it didn't improve by the weekend (knowing that I don't like to abuse antibiotics and build up a resistance to them I knew that I wasn't going to get it filled). She also recommended that I just try and conquer it with OTC drugs and rest...Okay, that is do-able.

I leave the doctor's office and head home. I come in the door and go to let Leo out of his crate (we had to start crating him again since I returned from Lo-Tiv-Ro as he needs to be reminded of some things). Sadly, he is sitting there looking all pitiful and there are two piles of vomit. I get him out and he runs to the backdoor so that he can get out in the yard and pee. He comes back in and lays on the floor and just looks at me. I go clean up the vomit and look for the vet's number. When I get back and sit down next to Leo, I realize that his ears are burning up and he is having some trouble breathing. I call the vet and they can get him in immediately. So, I shoot a quick note off to my co-workers telling them that I'm still going to be out of pocket a little longer.

I get Leo to the vet and he just wants to curl up on my lap, which means I have to sit on the concrete floor, but to try and make him comfortable, I'll do it. When his temperature is taking it is over 104 degrees (normal is 100) and the vet says that she can't really hear anything but he has yellow snot coming out and due to his history wants to do a set of x-rays and blood work.

The x-rays came back and showed that he had some fluid around his heart region, which is a different area than the upper lobe of his right lung where it was before. We were sent home with a decongestant type med to help open up his bronchial tubes and another 4 weeks of antibiotics.

He came home and curled up on the couch and that is pretty much where he has been since 3 yesterday afternoon. He isn't eating, so will be running to the store shortly to pick up some rice to cook for him. He also isn't drinking, unless I dip my hand into a bowl of water and have him lick the water off. It really is breaking my heart that I can't take this off of him. Once again, I never thought I would be this person and secondly, I do not see he you parents out there can do this for another human and not crack.


SAngRiA Smiles said...

poooooooooooooor baby. It just breaks my heart to think about him being so miserable :(

And I'm sure it's even less fun with you not feeling good, either. Poor Casa ABBA!

Jane said...

Poor thing, sending casa Abba love

Diane said...

Hope he is doing better!