Friday, August 17, 2012

August Blog Challenge Day 17

Today's challenge is to post a picture of myself as a baby. So, here it is:

I am the baby with my sister. Have I mentioned lately how incredibly fabulous my sister is? I could not have asked for a better big sister, even if I didn't always show it. As kids there were times that we would fight like cats and we have drifted apart at times but always find one another again. Some fabulous things that I can say about Marti:

  • When she was in school before I was old enough to go, when her class had a party she would bring treats home to share with me. 
  • She tried to drown me, twice.
  • She blames me for a makeup smear on her wedding dress. 
  • She took me to my first fraternity party, let me get drunk, and then cleaned me up the next morning before our parents picked me up. 
  • She can get into laughing fits together, usually when we are making fun of our Mom but often times as not we get to laughing over absolutely nothing.
  • She gave me a reason to live at a time when I was at my darkest.
  • She accepts me for me. 

Oh, this blog was probably not supposed to be about anybody else, but it isn't like I've stuck to the rules throughout this challenge.


SAngRiA Smiles said...

awesome sister :) almost makes me wish I'd had one.... I had a hard enough time keeping my brother in line, though.

Jane said...

I love your sister!

And great pic of you