Friday, September 28, 2012

What a Week

I have to say that I realize now how important it is to have a blog challenge because I am obviously really bad at keeping up with my blogging without a set goal. Therefore, I am on the hunt for a new challenge just to push myself to come out here and write for all my faithful followers.

Now on to 'real' post, this past week has been really weird....
  1. Leo update.... We saw the vet last Friday and are on another 2 weeks of antibiotics. We will go back in for a followup once this round is complete and at that point will schedule some additional diagnostic testing, which will require for him to be put under anesthesia and hopefully actually figure out why this continues to happen. As the vet said, there should be NO reason why a dog of his age and who is taken such good care of should continue to have these infections....sigh. However, after he started taking the medication he bounced right back and has all the energy he normally has so we started going back to daycare. On Wednesday evening, when I picked him up, the dog that I thought was his sister was also being picked up so we got to look at them side by side up close. They do still look so very similar, however, in speaking with her "mom" it turns out that she is only 11 months old, so they would not be of the same litter....but I wonder if they have the same baby-daddy.
  2. Monday when I went into the office and turned on my computer, it was D-E-A-D. It would try really hard to boot up but get stuck and just give up telling me that the operating system was missing. After dealing with the Service Desk and telling them the same thing over and over and over again, the technician finally said, "hmm, the onsite support will have to look at this, I'll open a ticket with them and they will call you." So, I started reading a book and following emails and what not on my Blackberry. Finally, around lunchtime, they call me and I take my machine down to the technology center, where the "magic" happens. I don't hear from them again until Wednesday when I went back down to the technology center to find out the status and after calling the Service Desk twice and getting nothing but 'challenges'. Anyway, finally, I got my laptop back around 1:00 in the afternoon and have spending the time since then resetting all my favorites and finding all my files, etc. 
  3. Since, I didn't have a computer, I decided to just take Tuesday off. It was a 'fun' day of running errands. I also spent some time cleaning my house in preparation for a maid to come on Thursday. I had to do a final whirlwind tour on Wednesday evening so pick up the last minute things and to throw things in drawers and closets so that the maid could actually get to the surfaces and do the real cleaning. This has once again reinforced in me the importance of putting things away otherwise your house turns into a hoarders house and next thing you know I'm going to end up on Bravo. 
  4. Ceramics class update.... Lastly, we had 2 sessions of ceramics class this week. Last week our class was cancelled as the instructor had Parent/Teacher night....I should have invited my parents.... Well, some of the students did go ahead and show up last Tuesday, or we could make up the class on Thursday of this week. I opted to make the class up on Thursday, and boy am I glad I did that. Tuesday, I spent the whole evening making a lantern. I have high hopes for it as it should be large enough to hold a pillar candle in it and I poked holes all around to let the light out. It was in the kiln last night when I showed up there, so it should be ready for glazing next week...along with a bunch of other stuff. Last night, I made a mug. I thought I was going to like making a mug....I didn't. I'll make more of the lanterns as they are square and you miter the corners to make things fit nicely, the mug was round and just felt lopsided, but that is okay, as it will work fine for me. After I finished the mug, I was trying to figure out what next I wanted to work on. The instructor was doing some work on the pottery wheel and offered to show me how to do that, since there were only two of us in the class, we both got excited and started learning how to throw clay. (Technically, I am not supposed to start learning how to do that for another 3 weeks.) Let me tell you....that was the most fun!! I suck at it and it is going to take some time to become comfortable at it, but I am sold. It is so amazing how just a little pressure and centrifugal force will do to a lump of clay. Here is a picture of the first bowl that I made. It is surprisingly almost perfect...although I did have a lot of assistance from the instructor in centering it and what not.... I'll just say, although I was totally covered in mud by the time I left, I LOVED every minute of it!!


Sara said...

YAY! I was hoping for a ceramics class update. That bowl is really good!

Jay said...

I think your bowl is perfect!! Congratulations! Quilt show started today...I turned in five entries and got three ribbons! My studioQ bunch did quite well all over also!!

Jane said...

You can make a family of mugs :)

Diane said...

Ceramics sounds fun! Hope Leo is ok.