Monday, October 15, 2012

Dr. House I Am Not

I had some minor surgery last Friday and while I will not go into the details of the surgery (I am fine) I will attempt to describe the day...

8:00 AM - Drop Leo off at Doggie Daycare, where he was to spend the night as I really didn't think I would be up for taking care of him post surgery.
9:30 AM - My friend, Jennifer picks me up and takes me to surgical center.
10:00 AM - Fill out all the paperwork and start waiting.... Jennifer leaves her name and number for them to call when it is time to pick me up as had been arranged.
10:30 AM - Nurses take me back to the ward and have me get undressed. They do a pregnancy test on me, even though I swear to them that there is no chance that I would be pregnant, but rules are rules. I then undress, put on the fun gown, and crawl into bed. I have an IV put in and the nurses let me know to hollar if I need anything. I am the ONLY patient that they have at this time, so I got lots of attention. Luckily, I had a book with me and I started to read. Nurse comes by to let me know that the pregnancy test was negative...duh.
11:15ish AM - The surgeon arrives and we chat for a bit while we await the anesthesiologist.
11:30 AM - The anesthesiologist arrives and we get things started. It is at this time that everything just goes fuzzy..... I am out before they get me rolled off the ward. I wake up, sorta, as they are finishing up the surgery and removing all of the monitors. I guess I helped them move me from the surgery table back to the gurney because next thing I remember is I'm back in the recovery area.

The nurses bring Jennifer back, letting her know to not be concerned if there are a bunch of nurses around me as again, I'm the only person on the ward. The nurses were very chatty and gave Jennifer all my instructions and some ice packs and a prescription for Vicodin to get filled. After a couple of minutes I decide that I'm taking up too much of Jennifer's time and decide that I'm ready to I was ready to put some clothes on. I vaguely remember talking to the nurses about Sonic ice and how Sonic has the best ice, but I think that was in reference to the ice packs.

They wheel me out and Jennifer takes me to a CVS to get my prescription filled. She then takes me home. Jennifer asks if I'm okay to be on my own and I assure her that I'm good. I'm going to get a little work done and then crash. I do actually do some work as I had a document that I needed to get delivered to the customer, which I did, although I'm not certain of the shape that the document was in. I think I IM'ed one of my coworkers a little to check to make certain that he was okay on his own....not that I really would have been a whole lot of help, but I was willing. I then ate some ice cream and crashed on the couch.

I woke up later have a coughing fit, which I've been cursed with for a couple of weeks. However, I decided that I was hungry. I had some tomato soup in the fridge, so I decided to heat that up for lunch/dinner. I also remembered that I had a Pillsbury bread dough in a can and I decided to bake bread. Yes, I'm coming off of anesthesia and have started taking some Vicodin and decide that I need to bake bread. Mind you, the bread turned out fine and luckily the OCD in me made certain that all the burners were turned off, but I look back and think to myself "what were you thinking".

I later wandered into the bedroom and fell asleep in the bed waking up a time or two due to coughing...and I vaguely remember reading my book at like 4:00 in the morning.

Needless to say, I haven't touched the Vicodin since Saturday. I have an almost full prescription and 2 refills...what are the odds that I'll actually need anymore? 


Sara said...

sounds like you're good :)

I'm so sad I was on vacation when you went through this :( well.... not sad about the vacation part, but sorry I wasn't there for you.

yay for house not burning down :) have you reviewed the document you put together. I had an awkward moment remembering a report I sent out last week after taking a sleep aid.... well, not really remembering if I'd done/sent the report or not and then discovering that I had. oops!

Kim Thomas said...

Save it, you never know!

Jane said...

What if the pregnancy test was positive??? Your whole week would have changed

Diane said...

I bet Leo missed you