Wednesday, November 21, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 21

Today, I am grateful to the life sucking entity that is the Internet. Without this amazing thing (Thank you Al Gore), I would not be able to:
  • Diagnose my dog's illness
  • Identify whether what I'm about to feed my dog will kill him
  • See what each of my friends is doing AT THIS VERY MOMENT
  • Read and learn about all sorts of fascinating people
  • Find recipes for my crockpot, cakes, pork tenderloin, and silly putty
  • Find quilt patterns that I will never use
  • Find ceramics tutorials that I will forget about
  • Do all my Christmas, Birthday, I'm sad and I want something shopping
  • Try and find a date
  • Create wishlists of books, music, movies, shoes that I want to get
  • Reserve my seat on a plane
  • Purchase tickets to a fair
  • And so many other exciting and/or mundane things.
 Thank you Internet for making my life.... sad and lonely and never experiencing the great outdoors....


Sara said...

it is really great stuff :)

Sara said...

I meant to tell you this last night.... actually, maybe I'll just blog it. Just know that when I talk about German recipes, that's what I was gonna say here ;)

Diane said...

love the internet