Friday, December 7, 2012

Dog Bite

I have to say that I LOVE Doggie Daycare. I take Leo to a place called BARK!, which is about a little over a mile from our home. Leo loves to go there as well, when we get close to the driveway he gets really, really excited and it is all I can do to put the car in park and turned off before he is trying to jump out the door and get in there and start playing. All of the folks that work at BARK! also say they love Leo because he is such a sweet dog.

Last night, though, when I was picking him up I had an altercation. Okay, maybe altercation is an exaggeration.... Here's the tale:

When I entered the lobby there was one person in front of me picking up her dogs. She was working with the girl to purchase a package and trying to do math in her head for which would be the best option. She was completely oblivious that there would be other people waiting and just kept at trying to get the best deal (which is to purchase a 30 day package, but maybe she wasn't up for this package as she didn't plan to have her dogs stay there that often). Well, eventually, she came to a decision and paid. The girl behind the desk went to get her two dogs and told me that she would have Leo sent up as well. I didn't think anything of that statement at first, until I saw the other person's dogs. (Normally, if there are multiple people waiting for dogs they will bring them up together, unless they are really big dogs).

So, a couple of minutes pass and she brings the other dogs up, a rottweiler and a doberman (or maybe 2 rottweilers, they had the same coloring but one was slimmer than the other). The lady takes both of their leashes (I'm standing by the counter over to the side not crowding anybody and just hanging out) but the smaller of the two dogs pulls out of her collar and charges at me. The daycare employee and lady both make a charge for the dog and do get a hold of her but not until after I was bitten:

Puncture on right thigh
I didn't say anything about the incident to the ladies getting the dog under control because I was a little in shock and I didn't have a tear in my jeans (I would have gone all sorts of crazy white girl if my new jeans had been torn). The lady finally got her two dogs out the door.

Unfortunately, she was parked right next to me (okay, she was actually parked in the handicapped spot and had left her door open, which I guess is the sign that "I'm not handicapped, but don't ticket me or get mad at me because I'm only going to be here a couple of minutes - or 30"). As I'm walking Leo out and past her car, both beasts lunge at Leo and start barking up a storm, which causes him to cower behind me and I struggled to get him to my car, although as soon as I opened the door, he was in the car in two seconds.

Leo is so not a fighter...he is such a lover. We get in the car and he starts snuffling at me and I give him a hug, unfortunately, he decided that he wanted to stand on my thigh as I drove home...the same thigh that was burning from the bite. It wasn't until I got home and took off my jeans that I realized that the skin had actually been broken and there was a big welt around it.

Ah well, we'll survive and hopefully that person won't bring her dogs to BARK! very often. At least I know that Leo is safe there as they are in the big dog area and he plays in the small dog area. I worry about the other dogs that might have to be in the big dog area with them, though. 


Sara said...

that is terrible!!!!!!

You better tell them next time you go that the dog bit you. They need to know that.

I hope you cleaned it well. Dogs teeth have tons of bacteria on them :(

Jay said...

I agree with tell them!! You can say you didn't realize you had a puncture until you got home...also watch the they have their shots?? I am hugging you!!!

Jane said...

Ouch!! Poor Leo (and his mommy)

Diane said...

That stinks! Hope you heal fast. Poor Leo.