Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Picture Challenge - January 8

This is a picture of one of the masks that came with the nebulizer that I had to purchase for Leo's care. The other one was a fish mask... I did not use either of them on Leo.

He came home from the animal hospital last night and was very excited to be home. I have about 4 different medications (antibiotics, cough suppressant, steroids) as well as the nebulizer medications, saline solution, and needles to draw the saline out of the IV bag, just call me Clara Barton for animals. We had our first round of medicines and nebulizer last night before bed and after a little struggle with getting him to sit and actually let me blow the medicine into his nose, he eventually settled in...sadly, in order to hold him and the mask close enough to him, I have to have my head pretty close as well and am breathing in some of the medicine as well....I have to say that I do feel like my bronchial airways are feeling more opened. 


Sara said...

cute mask :) RO. poor Leo, but glad he's on the road to recovery (and you too!)

Jane said...

Just like having a kid

Diane said...

Leo get better