Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Credit Card Drama

In the past two weeks, I have had to replace two of my credit cards. One the credit card company called me and said they noticed some bogus charges on my card coming from London. They wanted to know if I was there. When I said "no" they said they were wondering since the card was being used but the three digit security code was not being included. They then canceled my card and backed those charges out sending me a sparkly new card.

Two days later, I'm looking at my bill from another card and see a couple of charges that occurred on Christmas Day and I KNEW that I had not used my card on that day. When I Googled the listed company I came up with a long string of sites that declared it to be a fraud site and people all over the place were getting charged small amounts ($50 - $100) in sequential days from this company, which was the case with me. I immediately got on the phone with the credit card fraud people and they too canceled my card and backed those charges out and sent me a sparkly new card.

The problem that I have now, though, is that all of my automatic bills were applied to that card and I now need to go back and reset those up....or do I? I've already found myself NOT auto-pilot shopping on from my Kindle because I no longer have a credit card in the system...perhaps this is a good thing.

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Sara said...

uuuuuuugh. Yeah, I'm currently working through my spreadsheet of name change stuff. Updating information is never fun. At least they cut it early for you!