Friday, August 23, 2013

If Challenge (8/23)

Question: If you had to be the reporter to have broken one news event during your lifetime, what would you like it to have been?

Answer: That's easy...First Man on the Moon.

While I was barely alive for this, so obviously do not remember actually watching the moon landing. However, when I was a kid I briefly wanted to be an astronaut so when I first saw the challenge topic I immediately thought of the moon landing and then when searching for a picture to use I did a search and came across Walter Cronkite's reporting of the moon landing and where he removes his glasses because he is tearing up...I started crying as well. Wow! Good job America!!


Jay said...

Great blog! So many stories! I remember Walter also tearing up when announcing Kennedy's assassination too. My story...the end of WWII would be right up there.

Sara Watson said...

do you think the feed would have come from the moon or actually a sound stage in Hollywood? :)

Jane said...

I would love to be a reporter. This one would be amazing!