Saturday, March 22, 2014

Let's Try This Again

"What?" You may be asking are we trying again.

Well, we are trying the "getting healthy" thing, again. My last promise to my dad (aside from keeping an eye on Mom) was that I would lose weight and get healthy and go out and enjoy living my life. So, you can't back out on a promise to a dying man (and yeah I know that is a different way to spell dying but my computer won't accept it any other way and I'm too lazy to go figure it out).

Since, I can't back out on my promise, I have to accept that it is going to be a long and slow and probably painful journey but one that I'm willing to take. I've done so much damage to my body and metabolism that it is going to be hard to even start the weight loss but I refuse to give up. I have met with a nutritionist who broke it down for me that I need to cut certain things out of my diet for now so that I can get my 'gut' healthy first. These things include gluten (shock) and artificial sweeteners and potatoes and beef and eggplant (which really doesn't break my heart). Some of these things are going to be really tough for me to do but I'm going to hold myself to it.

The other part of the map to improved health is as you all know....exercise. While, the weather has turned lovely and I'm able to get out and take Leo for a walk, it isn't going to be enough so I have signed up to take yoga. Last Saturday my friend Jennifer took me to a 30 minute class and while I about died (it was pretty much all core work and not what you typically expect when you imagine yoga) I felt really good afterwards...sore, but good. And that convinced me to join up and keep at it. So, today I am going to my first 60 minute hot yoga class...hopefully I won't pass out.

So, this is my current journey. Like I said earlier, I know it is going to be a long journey and I can't expect "The Biggest Loser" type results, but I will see small results each week and over time these small results will add up to a big result. 


Sara Watson said...

I'm proud of you!

I gave up eggplant the first time I tried it :) Glad to know that is gut-friendly!

Diane said...

You can do it!

Kim Thomas said...

Get an UP band by jawbone. It's helping me immensely.

Jane said...

Baby steps best :)

Jay said...

I have to agree with all your can do it! baby steps...not sure what an up band is but...I will add..."slow and steady wins the race" a quote from the tortoise and the hare!! And...what do you mean keep an eye on me!!!!