Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quilts for Wee Watson

So a couple of weeks ago my friend Sara was given a baby shower (Waiting to Meet Avery Hope: Baby Shower). Me being me decided that I wasn't going to go off of the baby registry, but instead, I decided to make a quilt....A quilt... yeah that didn't happen.

We all knew back in March what we were having (and yeah, I'm using "we"). I happened to be at the Dallas Quilt Show when I saw a pattern for a wall hanging called "Faith, Hope, and Love" and knew that I wanted to make that for Sara and the nursery, since she was having a girl and it would be fitting for a girl's room. While also at the quilt show, I came across a booth that was out of Bryan, TX and specializes in Texas A&M fabric and patterns and saw the cutest baby quilt pattern that I had to pick up.

The thing is....I had already found a really cute quilt pattern and fabric for a baby quilt that was all about puppies, and I know that both Sara and Randall are dog people as they have 3 crazy critters already. And then I found out that she was doing the nursery in pink and grey, and well.... the black and red doggie quilt nor the maroon and white A&M quilt would really work there. So..... Yep, you guessed it, there were 3 quilts wrapped and a triptyche of angels for the wall:

A&M Quilt
Puppy Quilt with Razorback backing fabric
For the Nursery
And because I am notorious about talking about my mistakes... The Faith and Love quilts were made twice as I didn't like the original placement of them. I then trimmed all three wrong so that I had to do a little adjusting there and lastly, after it had quilted all three of them and taken them over to my mom's so that she could put on the binding(and actually finish them off nicely, I realized that there was a black thread showing on Faith, so I had to take out a small chunk of the quilting, dig out the thread and then quilt that section again. Needless to say, there was much cursing to be had while making these small quilts.

(Thank you, Sara, for getting pictures of these and letting me 'borrow' them from your blog.)


Sara Watson said...

ha! I knew you put a lot of work in but had no idea how much re-work there was in addition :)

and I owe you non-blurry pictures of the A&M and puppy quilts. Randall took these ;)


Diane said...

These are gorgeous!!!

Jane said...


Kim Thomas said...

Absolutely gorgeous. The one you made Brooke gets used daily in our home and Everytime I am the one using it I look at it and can't believe how stunning it is. We LOVE it and I am sure Avery will love hers