Friday, September 26, 2014

Mom Trip 2014 - Day 1

Today is day one of my adventure with my mom. We are on a drive across the country to a quilt camp and then off to explore Niagara Falls and then upper Michigan. 

We left almost on time. I hadn't finished packing, so I needed to get that wrapped up and I have to convince Leo that I would back and to be a good boy. I'm pretty certain that he knew something was up as he was a little reluctant to go outside to go potty, although he eventually did and I felt okay leaving him alone (I have a house sitter/dog walker staying with him so that his schedule won't be too out of sorts).

Anyway, mom and I got on the road and headed for Little Rock, AR. We stopped a couple hours out to have a quick bite at a rest stop (some cheese and crackers and fruit) and to stretch our legs. We then got back in the car and mom took over the driving for awhile. Yes, I actually let somebody else drive my new baby and I'm pleased to say that she did a fine job and I will allow her drive some more on this trip. 

As we crossed into Arkansas, I noticed a sign for the William Clinton Presidential Library so we decided that we would stop there before heading to the hotel, because we really didn't have anything else to do and we were making really good time. And surprise, surprise...there was a Chuhuly exhibit at the library, which was great to see. 

We then headed to the hotel and a quick dinner at a chain steakhouse. Nothing fancy for us...yet. 

So, after day one, we have both survived. 


Jay said...

And if anyone wants to see pictures, check out my blog!

Sara Watson said...

what a fun adventure :) I can't wait to see the pictures.... heading over to your mom's blog :)

Jane said...

Surviving is good ;)