Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mom Trip Wrap Up - Finale

So, there are two stops left on this grand tour that mom and I have been on. 

The first stop was at the St. Louis Arch. Mom and I took the tram to the top of the Arch and the view was spectacular but I will gladly NOT get back in that tiny tram card. Thank goodness on both the trip up and back we didn't have a full car because I really don't think I could have managed...and yeah they warn you regarding claustrophobia, but never imagined that experience. 

Shot looking up:

Shot from the top:

Mom and me:

A shot down the track and stairs next to the tram rail:

We stayed in a nice suburb of St. Louis and got ourselves around at an early hour the next morning and headed out to Bentonville, AR to go and visit Crystal Bridges art museum and grounds. Our original plans were to get into tone and maybe hit the museum or wait until the next morning and get around late to make the final leg of the drive, however, mom was looking at the weather and there were storms expected the next day, so we opted to get all of our stuff done and get out of town and on the road early. 

So, when we got to the museum, they had an exhibit of current "up and coming" artists. I have to say that I was less than impressed with most of the work. I mean, there was one exhibit of fans mounted on a wall stacked on top of one another with sombreros in between each that would float up as the fans was all just totally weird. There were some other weird exhibits of video "art" or, well, I just can't explain it. 

After, we went through the exhibit, we went walking on the grounds. There is an overlook above the museum that is tucked away and mom and dad sat there each time they would visit the museum, so we decided that we would leave some of dad there. However, when we got to the spot, there were a bunch of young adults hanging around and cutting up, so we decided to find a quieter spot and just as we found a good spot it started to rain we sprinkled dad at the foot of a tree and left the pleasant rain soak him into the ground. 

Couple of shots of an exhibit called "Animal Farm" and is a play on George Orwell's book:

A view of the grounds near where we left part of dad:

Metal tree that is outside of the entrance to the museum:

After our walk around the grounds, mom and I headed to the town square where we found a really wonderful Italian restaurant where we had dinner (sadly, I can't remember the name). And then we walked around to the Walmart museum (zoo, the excitement) then headed to the hotel. 

The next morning we headed back to pouring rain. But, we made it through and I came home to a very excited puppy. We transferred mom's stuff to her car and she headed out for her final hour drive back to her own home. 

It was a great trip and we both learned that we can travel together....but we both agree that it was good to get home and back to our own beds. 

So, until next time....Mom, thanks for the memories.


Jay said...

You are welcome...back atcha! and yes, I think we make pretty darn good traveling companions!

Sara Watson said...

What a wonderful trip! I am so glad you blogged it and took us along on the journey :)

Jane said...

Love the pic with the two of you!