Thursday, March 12, 2015

Criminal Minds

I've been binge watching the television show Criminal Minds over the last couple of weeks while working. I just started Season 8, which is when Jeanne Tripplehorn joined the cast and Paget Brewster left. There are a couple of things that come to mind as I am saturated with this show....

  • Two of their main characters have the same name. Aaron Hotchner, the team lead, and Erin Strauss, his boss. 
  • The writers of this show are sick, sick, sick....Who is able to come up with and write this stuff? 
  • I really need to update my dental records for possible identification, if it comes down to it. 
  • I would never hold up to any form of torture. 
  • Maybe it is because I'm watching these, but I really think that people are idiots....they always get into cars with strangers, or leave with strangers, or pick up strangers, or leave their kids alone, or run upstairs instead of outside....why do they always head towards the second floor? Oh, and there seems to be a lot of men out there that cheat on their families. 
  • I want to be Penelope Garcia...she is totally cool and smart....oh and she has a really special relationship with Derek Morgan (hubba, hubba). 
  • I always love the quotes that they have at the ends of the episodes. 
  • If these stories are based on real stories out there, this is a truly weird and broken world. 

I'm going to have to find a much lighter show to binge watch once I'm finished with all of these. 


Sara Watson said...

as creative as the writers are, you'd think they could come up with names other than Aaron/Erin!

Jane said...

Im catching up on Criminal Minds as we speak