Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Life Lessons

My first real job was with McDonalds. I had other jobs in college that included working in a clothing store and a sit down restaurant. While I learned many things at these jobs (how to clean a shake machine, how to make change, how to remove those annoying things on clothes that set off the alarm if you try to walk out), but the biggest thing I can say that I learned was "clean as you go"...you know that idea of cleaning things up as you complete a job rather than stack things up and end up with a big, nasty mess. 

Sadly, as an adult, I'm struggling to remember this one simple lesson. Now, I am very good at cleaning my house when I am planning on having company, but normally I am admittedly disgusting...not like hoarder living in my own filth disgusting, but college frat house or maybe Amerca's Next Top Model house disgusting. I freely admit this and warn anybody to give me a couple hours warning before dropping by (partly to mad dash clean the house and partly to make certain that I have showered and dressed). 

I was reminded today that I must commit myself to cleaning as I go. I was noticing and odd odor wafting from the kitchen and noted that I hadn't cleaned the dishes in the sink for quite some time and something in the sink had turned. Therefore, I was forced to first unload the dishwasher (I habitually just get dishes out of there when needed rather than unloading it) and then load it all back up, get some sink cleaner and scrub down the sink, and then run a disposal deodorizer. There is now a pleasant citrus smell wafting rather than the stench of death coming from the kitchen...how long do we think this will last? 

The dishwasher did just finish running, if I were smart, I would hop up off the couch right now and unload it so that I can then put dirty dishes in the machine as they are used rather than stacking then in the sink...bets on whether that will actually happen?


Jay said...

Phew!!! Glad you found the foul odor! I'm that way about getting laundry done!! Not the odor...but when I am on the raggedy pantys...it is time!

Sara Watson said...

haha. I used to be really good about outlooking 1 housecleaning task every weekday, so I would stay more on top of things... but then I started working downtown, and then a tiny person invaded our space. I am feeling like hoarder-bad right now, but that is mainly the fault of the Christmas decorations.